This Is Us” is great at throwing twists and turns at the viewers and another one came at the end of the latest episode. Chrissy Metz's character of Kate Pearson is pregnant and this will certainly shake things up. What “This Is Us” spoilers are available about what comes next for Kate, Toby, and the rest of the Pearson clan?

Kate's pregnancy has been coming for a while

Series creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly that the surprise pregnancy for Kate has been planned since early in Season 1, although it took some time for the writers to decide exactly when to incorporate it.

This Is Us” spoilers detail that everybody will see Kate and Toby talking about the weight of this surprise development and the high-risk elements in the next episode and it sounds as if Toby will be thrilled by the news.

Will the pregnancy derail Kate's determination to develop a singing career after all these years? “This Is Us” spoilers note that that's not necessarily the case, but it will be challenging for her to find the right balance between parenting and pursuing her career. This news will also change the conversation between Kate and Toby when it comes to wedding plans, but everybody will have to tune in to see if they decide to speed things back up again in this regard.

What do spoilers reveal about the next episode?

What comes up next? “This Is Us” spoilers from TV Guide detail that the Season 2, Episode 5 show is titled “Brothers.” Everybody will see Kate surprise Toby at work, and it sounds as if this is when he will find out about the baby news. Randall and Kevin will go to a charity fundraiser connected to the hospital where Sophie works, and in flashback developments, Jack will take Randall and Kevin camping.

While the boys are gone, Rebecca seemingly gets unexpected news of some kind.

When will more about Jack Pearson's death be revealed? Viewers got a big piece of the puzzle during the Season 2 premiere when it was revealed that Jack's death had something to do with the family home burning down. However, there are still more questions than answers on this front and “This Is Us” spoilers have detailed that it will take much of the season for everything to fall into place.

What do you think of the storyline that Kate is pregnant? What will the full truth about Jack's death be? Stay tuned for additional "This Is Us" spoilers as Season 2 progresses and tune in to NBC every Tuesday night to see where things head next.