Patrick Swayze died in 2009 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. However, that has not stopped former "Today Show" presenter Michele Mahone from coming forward with her claims revealing that the "Dirty Dancing" star allegedly sexually assaulted her. According to a new interview with, Mahone claims that when she worked as a makeup artist for Disney the late "Dirty Dancing" star came in for makeup. Mahone reveals at first "feeling no need to fear the actor, but that feeling quickly changed."

Mahone claims Patrick Swayze was not a good guy

She describes that Swayze wrapped up the interview he was engaged in by talking about his "fantastic" wife.

Swayze was known for always mentioning his wife Lisa and their happy marriage during interviews. Mahone describes how she offered to remove Patrick's makeup, and how he suddenly and forcefully grabbed her around the waist, pulled her closer to him and began kissing her.

She continued, detailing how she pushed his shoulder off her body, and how he told her this shouldn't keep them from "working together in the future." Michele claims that following the sexual assault by Patrick Swayze she was left very shaken. She adds remembering that she felt "appalled" and "violated."

Sexual assault in Hollywood a hidden dirty secret

Mahone recalls how she attempted to leave but ran into Patrick Swayze again.

She alleges the actor asked her for a "hug goodbye." She claims she decided then and there that she needed to report the assault to the producer. Michele adds that following her report no actions were ever taken against Swayze, but she was never hired by Disney again.

Mahone states that Swayze was not the only man in show business to sexually assault her, she adds she has been assaulted twice, once by Swayze who she refers to as "fricking pig" despite his squeaky clean reputation.

The second is a man who remains nameless, but who she reveals was in a position of power in show business. She claims she was invited by him to his home for a meeting, but ended up being attacked, and ended up in a "full-on fight" with him.

Mahone reveals that until today she has kept the sexual assaults to herself believing it was pointless to discuss the past issues.

She claims that most keep quiet about the abuse for fear of losing their jobs and that in most cases it seems it is the person with the "most money who wins." Mahone is among the list of celebrities who have stepped forward revealing that they had experienced sexual assault in Hollywood.

Celebrities who have recently come forward admitting sexual assault include Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawerence, James Van Der Beek, Hilarie Burton, and Rose McGowan to name a few.