Next up for fans of “This Is Us” is the Season 1 finale and spoilers tease that this one will be particularly brutal. Will everybody finally see exactly how Milo Ventimiglia's character of Jack Pearson dies? Will Kate explain why she feels responsible for her father's death and will Kevin pursue the movie opportunity in California, leaving Sophie?

As everybody saw in Tuesday night's episode, Rebecca headed off to her first gig on her tour with her ex-flame and Jack was so upset over it all that he didn't give her a proper goodbye. He went on to down some drinks and he decided to drive out to surprise Rebecca, calling Kate first to tell her that she was right to push him to smooth things over.

When will viewers learn the details of Jack's death?

Viewers have been speculating for some time now that Jack's death may come via a drunk driving accident and it certainly looks like that's a viable possibility. Cast members have teased that the Season 1 finale coming on March 14 will be absolutely heartbreaking, but “This Is Us” spoilers have indicated that Pearson's death actually isn't coming quite yet.

Show creator Dan Fogelman teased some “This Is Us” spoilers via Variety that note that there is an “incredibly ambitious” scene coming up between Jack and Rebecca in the finale. He says that it will rock the viewers and whatever it is hasn't been done on television before.

He adds that the show is headed to “the darkest place” they've been and actress Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, cautions that they're “going to destroy America by the end of the season.”

The finale brings good moments too, but is there a cliffhanger?

Despite the brutality ahead, Fogelman adds that the season ends with some beauty, optimism, and hope.

He also says that there isn't necessarily a cliffhanger coming up in Episode 18, which is interesting to consider. PopSugar notes that actor Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, has said that the finale is “crushingly painful” and dangerous, heavy, gripping, and intense. Hartley had previously teased that he hasn't seen any fan theories about Jack's death yet that are correct, and Ventimiglia recently detailed that he has not yet filmed the scenes of his character's passing.

Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, told the Wall Street Journal that she does know how Jack dies, but she confirmed the swirling “This Is Us” spoilers that detail that viewers will not be seeing this happen quite yet. However, she does say that it is intensely heartbreaking just like the rest of the cast has indicated. Will Season 1 end with Jack and Rebecca on a better note after he heads to Cleveland to see her, does he die in a drunk driving accident related to this situation as some suspect, or does a shocker come together that leaves everybody stunned?

The only thing that viewers know for certain is that the Season 1 finale of “This Is Us” will be emotional and intense, and luckily NBC has already renewed the show for Seasons 2 and 3. How do you think Jack Pearson dies, and do you think that the next episode titled “Moonshadow” will share key details about what happens?