It was a heartbreaking moment when viewers found out that Jack Pearson, played by Milo Ventimiglia, actually dies at some point in This Is Us. But even though the show already survived Season 1, they sure kept a lot of fans hooked by keeping the secret about Jack’s death.

With “This Is Us” Season 2 hoarding millions of fans and viewers, it is going to be a very special moment when they finally reveal the truth about the death of Jack. But what exactly is the truth? Did the fire end his life?

What is the reason behind Jack’s death in ‘This Is Us?’

It is possible thanks to what the show has revealed so far. Avid viewers of “This Is Us” already came up with their own theories when Season 1 ended but here’s one that will make us watch the first seven episodes again.

One fan used Reddit to publicize a theory about Dan Fogelman’s latest show. Ashelizabethmoon explained that maybe the washing machine from Season 1, Episode 7 is the cause. He posted, “Imagine these scenes: Jack's promise to Rebecca in the laundromat to buy her a washing machine, Rebecca questioning how they could manage laundry for three infants after their first machine broke, chaos and bubbles spewing from their next washing machine, and Jack and Rebecca admiring ‘the best washing machine in the world’ (S01E07 title).

This would be juxtaposed with the aftermath of the fire caused by the machine. Chills.”

There is a logical explanation behind the theory, that is for sure. Especially when another Redditor suggested that one of the kids probably got stuck in the basement and Jack sacrificed his life to save them. It seems like we just have to wait until series creator, Dan Fogelman, finally unveils the details.

‘This Is Us’ spoilers unveiled below

In a matter of hours, season 2 episode 2 will premiere on NBC, and Fansided just revealed some of the scene’s photos. “A Manny-splendored Thing” will include scenes of Kevin (Justin Hartley) in L.A for a shoot and Alexandra Breckinridge joins him there as Sophie. It will also feature more of Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) trying to fight Jack’s alcoholism.

Season 2 episode 1, “A Father’s Advice,” showed us how Kate (Chrissy Metz) tried to audition as a singer, and how Randall (Sterling K. Brown) planned to adopt a child. At the end of the episode, we were once again introduced to the feeling of sadness when Rebecca cried in her car after the house fire.

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