It would probably be the best for the special agents of “NCIS” Season 15 played by Mark Harmon and Sean Murray to not be in the gruesome situation in Paraguay for a long time. Spoilers about the latest episode will be in this article. Well, you were warned.

“NCIS” Season 15 episode 1, “House Divided” aired on September 26 and we are glad to know that agents Timothy McGee played by Sean Murray and Leroy Gibbs played by Mark Harmon are home alive. It picked up where the last season left off, then jumped two months later, where some of our favorite characters stayed despite Jennifer Esposito’s (Alex Quinn) decision to leave.

‘NCIS’ crew handle a new case

The team’s newest case involved a dead drug smuggler who performed his job of delivering uranium by carrying it in his private parts. Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) and Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) testified about ''NCIS’' violations.

While the team was knee-deep in learning more about the gunned victim, they came across a man connected with the smuggler. He was then tracked with the use of his dating app. When Gibbs (Mark Harmon) returned, he learned that Alex will not be around as she will prioritize taking care of her mother.

Maria Bello finally joins the TV series

In late July, it was reported that a new actress will be joining the cast. Maria Bello – she previously appeared in the 2013 film, “Prisoners” and will be appearing in the 8th season of “The Walking Dead.” She will be introduced as "NCIS" Special Agent Jackie Sloane to replace Alex Quinn.

Her entrance is much anticipated especially when it was revealed that she will have an interesting relationship with our lead, Gibbs. Recently, her character was reported to have her first interaction with McGee.

Since she is a skilled criminal profiler, and he is a senior special agent, they are going to be in the same room often.The scenes have already been shot and are expected to air in the fourth episode.

Sean Murray shared his experiences on working with Bello to ET saying, “It is great having [Maria] there. Her character is a really interesting psychologist profiler and McGee actually gets to do some work with her early on when she first joins the agency. That was a blast to do that.” He also revealed that some heavy scenes were already shot to introduce her character further.

She is also expected to blend in by knowing more (or profiling) the other members of Gibbs’ team.

“NCIS” Season 15 episode 2, “Twofer”, will air on October 3 on the CBS network starring Mark Harmon, Wilmer Valderrama, Maria Bello and more.