Miley Cyrus was no different than the thousands of other guests in the probing snares of shock-jock Sirius radio host Howard Stern. Us magazine reports that Howard pushed Miley Cyrus about her reconciled and renewed love with Liam Hemsworth, and the “Younger Now” singer-songwriter divulged that she does struggle with slight tinges of jealousy. She has her own little ways keeping herself from any meltdowns and keeping tabs on her fiancé. There's no need to worry about the future for Miley and Liam. They have long-term plans in the works.

Personal surveillance system

When Miley Cyrus was nudged by Howard Stern about how she handles the reality that lovely co-stars always surrounding her man is virtually a career requirement, she jokingly responded, “I keep my little spies.” She further elaborated that she and Liam have cultivated a stronger relationship since their late 2015 reconciliation, but confessed to getting “butterflies in my stomach” when he has to get close with costars on set.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus became a couple after starring together in “The Last Song” in 2009. The pair endured a painful and tearfully public breakup in 2013, before coming together again. Miley described to Stern that she felt like she and Liam “had to break up” at the time to allow each of them, and particularly herself, to become “strong and solid” individuals before resuming being a couple.

She doesn't like the feeling of “two halves trying to make a whole” but instead, two strong, whole people joining as one.

Family seal of approval

Miley doesn't have to worry about her parents’ approval of her love with Liam. “Liam’s a good man,” gushes dad Billy Ray Cyrus in an Access Hollywood feature. “His whole family is great,” the elder Cyrus concluded.

The two families have forged a depth of mutual admiration over seven years supporting their children and each other. The proud father gages his measure of a good life on the happiness of his children, and says that happiness glows brightly “particularly with Miley.” Miley teases her mom, Tish, for still watching “The Last Song” whenever the movie is offered on long airline flights.

Permanent plans

Miley Cyrus made it hard for Liam Hemsworth to ever get her, or her stuff, out of his mind. The "Hunger Games" actor bought her Malibu home after their 2013 split, and it was so packed with Miley’s “mementos and plaques” among hundreds of other items, that he could never escape their past. She was literally “all over the place” in his house. It's probably a good thing that there was never a total process to clean house because the tender, breezy ballad Malibu would never have come into being, nor the reconnection that inspired the song.

Besides her new album that also marks a reconnection with her roots, Miley Cyrus is setting her sights on building something in stone with Liam Hemsworth.

The pair is deep into their renovation of a five-bedroom home in Nashville. The long-term project ensures that family is close, and the number of bedrooms will allow for their own family-planning.

Jealousy is known as the green-eyed monster, but green is also a color of new beginnings, and Miley Cyrus is beginning again as an artist and growing into a new future.