On the episode of "This Is Us" that aired on Tuesday, October 24, there was no shortage of problems among the parents and the adult triplets. They all seemed to have had a problem of a different nature. Even so, one tried to help the other as much as possible to solve the individual problem.

Kate is pregnant

While being pregnant is not a problem within itself, but Kate, play by chrissy metz, is turning it into a problem after being pregnant for eight weeks. Toby is ecstatic that he is going to be a father, but Kate is afraid of what could happen during the pregnancy because of her weight and age.

She is already calling it a geriatric pregnancy and has decided to keep it a secret as long as possible.

Viewers are already speculating that she will have a boy and will name him Jack in honor of her deceased father. Time will tell how Kate's pregnancy will play a part in the rest of the story.

Kevin wants more pills

Kevin, played by Justin Hartley, begs his doctor to refill his Vicodin prescription, but his doctor refuses because Kevin has used up all his prescriptions. Kevin doesn't want to let on to Randall that he is still suffering from a knee injury. In spite of his pain, he tries to help Randall with Deja who seems to relate to Kevin more than she relates to her foster father.

Randall and Deja

Deja is having a hard time warming up to Randall. This is bothering Randall because he wants to get along with her, but every time he tries, Deja rebels. For example, she hides out in the bathroom after Randall stops her from eating a shrimp tail when they were at an awards ceremony for Kevin.

Randall goes into the women bathroom to talk to Deja since she was taking so long to come out.

While there, he talks to her with the door of the stall between them. The 12-year-old child reveals to Randall that the boyfriend of one of her previous foster mothers used to beat her with rolled-up magazines. This gives Randall an explanation that the problem is not with him. Instead, it has a lot to do with a past experience.

Jack refuses to see his dying father

Jack's estranged father is dying, but Jack refuses to go to see him in the nursing home. Instead, Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, goes in Jack's place. Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, and his father have been at odds with each other for years because of his father's drinking problem. Jack is too stubborn even to send a message by Rebecca to his dying father. Rebecca doesn't seem to have a problem of her own, but she took on Jack's problem with his father when Jack doesn't budge.