"This Is Us" has been one of the most popular television series on television for the past couple of years. The success of the NBC series immediately kicked in just after the series debuted last year, and viewership has continued to grow. Now that the series is comfortably set in the NBC lineup, the cast of "This Is Us" is ready to move their salary game up to the next level.

'This Is Us' continues to rise in popularity

Following the lead of extremely popular television series and actors before them, the "This Is Us" cast feel they are ready for "Modern Family" and "Friends" level paychecks.

According to Radar Online reports, a source close to the "This Is Us" cast situation reveals that the actors held a meeting with the show's higher-ups and "demanded a huge pay increase."

“They are one of the highest-rated shows on TV, and now they should be making some of the highest money," the source stated to Radar Online.

Cast of 'This Is Us' calls meeting with network bigs

The celebrity news site also revealed the breakdown in salaries that each actor and actress makes per episode. According to them Mandy Moore, 33, and Milo Ventimiglia, 40, each make nearly $80,000 per episode and Sterling K. Brown, banks $75,000. That brings us to Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz, and although just as important to the series, these two are only paid $40K per episode.

To most of us, those figures would be a dream come true, but to TV celebrities, this is a slap in the face, considering the success of the series.

However, the "This Is Us" cast are still the new kids on the block, most likely a few seasons from gaining the one million dollars per episode each that cast members of "Modern Family" and "Freinds" cast members garnered during their long-running contracts.

While they are not quite to the same level of success, just yet, it is highly speculated that they are well on their way and their paychecks will eventually reach that point.

If you are one of the very few that have yet to get caught up in the NBC hit "This Is Us," there is still time to catch up. The entire series can be viewed on NBC.com, and on Hulu.

"This Is Us" is the story of the Pearson family and follows three generations of events that reveal a true family love, heartache and pain that Jack and Rebecca face throughout their lives with their three children.

"This Is Us" season 2 is currently airing on NBC. Be forewarned ahead of time if you do not already know...Once you start, it is hard to stop as this is one of those shows that will draw you in, make you fall in love with the characters, and bring you back each week dying to know what is next for the Pearson family. "This Is Us" airs Tuesday nights on NBC.