The Duggar’s, from the popular TLC show “Counting On,” have some strange Rules that must be followed if you are a member of their family. These rules are so crazy, or maybe just strict, that the average person would most likely not survive even a week in their family.

After each numbered rule, if you believe you could follow it, you are one step closer to being a Duggar Family member. If you get all the way to number one, and still feel that you could handle abiding by each of these rules, you must be a long-lost relative of the Duggar’s. But if you couldn't follow to all of these, you might want to rethink joining the Duggar family.

8. No romance novels

Have you ever read a romance novel? Never again. Being part of the Duggar family, this genre is forbidden. Instead, they study Biblical texts. Do you think you could never read a romance novel again?

7. No halloween

Now, if living without an occasional romance novel seems easy, what about Halloween? Could you never dress up for Halloween again? No dressing up as your favorite character or using it as an excuse to wear something a little more scandalous. No trick-or-treating as a kid or watching scary movies and going to haunted houses.

6. No holding hands

To some, holding hands is just sweaty and weird. Therefore, this one may be easy to say you could live without. Yet, think about how many times you have held your boyfriend/girlfriends hand.

Probably a lot, even if it was just for a second. Being a part of the Duggar family would prohibit this from ever happening again. Still think you could be one of them?

5. No kissing

Think about your first kiss. Was it amazing? Was it the most awkward thing and very cringe worthy? Was it before you were twenty or was it on your wedding day?

If you say it was on your wedding day, then you are going to fit right in with the Duggar’s. But, if your first kiss was far from the person you're marrying or way before your wedding day, you may not fit in so well. The Duggar’s believe in courting, which means no kissing before marriage. Could you resist until the wedding day?

4. No Hugging

Now, if you think you broke a harmless rule by kissing your partner, you have probably broken another rule that seems even more harmless than kissing. The Duggar family does not allow any chest on chest contact until you are married, which includes hugging. Think about how many times you have hugged someone of the opposite gender. A lot, I’m sure! Do you still think you would be able to do it? Only side hugs from here on out!

3. No Unsupervised Dates

Dates are a time to get to know your partner, a time to spend just the two of you, alone. Right? Wrong! Another part of courting means that all dates must be supervised. Usually, one of the parents goes along so things do not get out of hand, if you know what I mean!

If they are not available, then an older sibling usually goes along. Are you rethinking joining the Duggar family yet?

2. No Modern Music or Dancing

How many times have you danced to a pop or upbeat modern song with your friends? At a party? In the car? Or even sang one in the shower? Not anymore. The Duggar’s believe it promotes things such as sex and drugs. Therefore, they only listen to gospel music. Are you ready to ditch your favorite pop song and start jamming to the gospel music?

1. No Social Media

If you still think that you can join the Duggar family, take a closer look at how you stumbled upon this article. Was it Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? All of these are social media accounts that are prohibited as a Duggar.

No Duggar is allowed to manage their social media account. Although, once married, some have taken theirs over. Do you think you could go without your daily scroll through your Facebook feed? Laughing at tweets? Or posting pictures on Instagram? In our day and age this is something most can't live without.