Fergie and former partner, Josh Duhamel, are reportedly making co-parenting work despite their separation. On Tuesday (Oct. 24), the popular singer sat down with “The Talk,” and talked about her post-split relationship with Duhamel. In a report obtained by Entertainment Tonight, she added that co-parenting is their top priority.

Both of them are trying to become good parents to their four-year-old son, Axl. When asked about how she moved on from her split, the singer revealed, “I’m good; as good as you can be with a separation.” The singer also added that she and her former partner decided to focus their attention on their son and to act as if everything is going well.

Supporting each other as parents

Despite losing each other as a couple, Fergie added in her statement that she is thankful that both of them agreed to support each other to become better parents to Axl. The 42-year-old singer has accepted the fact that they only lose each other from being a romantic couple, while other aspects of their relationship remain the same. The singer also went on to admit that she still loves Duhamel.

Meanwhile, both agreed to remain as amicable as possible to each other. When asked more about co-parenting their child, Fergie added that they are simply making it happen. She concluded her statement by saying, “We’ve got Axl, and we're just working parents.”

Announcement of split

The former pair reportedly announced their separation back in September.

It was revealed that both agreed to release a joint statement following their split. According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple decided to formally call it quits in order to give their respective families time to adjust to the situation. Despite not elaborating the real cause for the separation, Fergie and Duhamel wanted to keep some aspects of their lives in private.

In the midst of their separation, the former couple added that they'll always support each other and their family. Following the split announcement, Fergie revealed that both of them became close.

The former couple chooses to remain great friends and to keep the love for each other. Despite not being a romantic couple anymore, Fergie and Duhamel are still enjoying each other's company.

Perhaps, staying good friends has also helped them make co-parenting work for their son. The singer further added that they'll do the best that they can in order to give their son the best and that's the only thing that hasn't changed.