The Good Doctor” has continued to win the hearts of many with each airing and this week they proved it again on the fifth episode ratings. As what they always say, numbers just do not lie!

According to People, “The Good Doctor” has climbed their way to the top in its fifth-week airing and is currently the most watched TV in the United States. The drama obtained over 18.2 million viewers, which is particularly huge for a freshman show. This is a good news for the fans because the show defeated “The Big Bang Theory” again with its new chart-topping digits.

This is despite the fact that the CBS show was consistently on top of its game for several seasons.

The Best ABC show

Aside from being The Best above all shows from the other networks, the Freddie Highmore-led series also became the best on its home network. It beat out the fellow freshman series “The Gifted,” along with “The Orville” and “The Seal Team” which made it ABC network’s most-watched Monday series in 21-years. For beginners, “The Good Doctor” has a story that centers around the life of Dr. Shaun Murphy (Highmore’s titular role).

Murphy is a young surgeon who was diagnosed with autism and savant syndrome. His latter condition gave him brilliance in what he does. In his young age as a resident doctor, he has a high functioning brain that gives him the opportunity to do things precisely 99.9 percent of the time.

However, being autistic gave him the lack of abilities to communicate and socialize. It can be recalled that the series immediately impressed the viewers when ABC network ordered it for a full season. With this, high are the chances that the show can be picked up for the second season run.

How ‘The Good Doctor’ reached the top

The Guardian pointed out as to how the series achieved this success. The creator of the ABC series, David Shore, is also the one who helmed “House.” Since then, few medical procedural shows succeeded including “ER,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Nurse Jackie.” According to The Guardian, Shore’s new masterpiece noticeably fill the gap between the genre and the usually less-medical aspect going on inside our favorite hospital-fiction dramas.

Moreover, the outlet addressed that the series already gained solid after three episodes. While the series proceeds like most other medical dramas do, its sentimental impact contributed a lot to the success. In the end, the report believes that like 2016 breakout series “This is us,” “The Good Doctor” gave viewers earnest storytelling, awesome characters that do noble things, and a heartwarming effect that left fans asking for more.