It’s a boy! After learning in the premiere of the new season that the Wolowitzes are expecting another baby, we could not wait to find out if Holly was going to get a baby brother or sister. Even though you could see their nervousness about raising a boy, Howard and Bernadette will figure out something. And as for Penny, she achieved one of the most amazing deeds to ever be achieved (one that Leonard has striven for all his life). She became best friends with Dr. Hofstadter. That is one friendship that came out of the blue.

Rocket launch went wrong

One of the main concerns of Howard was what kind of a father he would be. At first, he was simply worried about his son and the fact that he does not know how to teach much stuff to the young lad. However, as the episode progressed, Sheldon somehow managed to make the situation worse, by pointing out that Howard probably does not know how to raise a girl either. Both of them decided to go on a bonding trip to fire off the rockets that Wolowitz’s father had left behind before he abandoned his family, but things did not go as planned. That rocket represented Howard’s only thing he could teach and do with his future son, and when that imploded; well let’s say so did his confidence.

The fact that both Sheldon and Howard have had difficulties with fathers while growing up, is one of the few common grounds they can bond over. And when Raj tried to identify with them, it was pretty difficult since the worst his dad ever did was give him a Mercedes (the horror right?). Later on, we get to see Raj help Bernadette with baby clothes, to transform some of them into boy clothes (who could have believed that tutu could become a baby Flash!).

Back on the road

Back on the road trip, the new father starts having a panic attack, and frantic Sheldon is not the best comforter. But when Sheldon decides to get behind the driving wheel and try once again to drive, Howard does a pretty great job at guiding him. This gives us a good sneak peek of him as a future dad. That was until Sheldon decided to drive at 112 km/hour and got pulled over.

We will have to wait and see how Howard will react.

Penny is definitely the favorite

Lastly, we were surprised at the new rising friendship between Beverly Hofstadter and Penny. At first look, you would think that they do not have much in common (to be fairly honest, they do not), but they bonded over their girly talk. When Leonard finds out about this new friendship, he becomes jealous that his mother is already proud of Penny and not once has she mentioned these words to him. Although, in the end, after he confronts her, he is proud that even his difficult-to-deal-with mother, would become enchanted by his spouse, just like he was.