It has long been known that Lucasfilm (and Disney) has been developing a series of side-story films to the greater “Star Wars” movie franchise, featuring installments that would air in between every mainline trilogy (the ones with the episode numbers, next being this December’s “The Last Jedi”). The current such project that is in production is a prequel chronicling the past adventures of the space smuggler turned Rebel hero Han Solo, originally portrayed by Harrison Ford. But all this time that movie has never been graced by an official title.

The mystery of the title was solved when director Ron Howard shared it on Twitter, and to be honest it sounds so obvious that many could have seen it coming.

Direct-to-the-point title

Prior to receiving its title, the “Star Wars” prequel with the young Han Solo was called, for ease of reference, “Han Solo” both in and out of production. But now that film photography is about to wind down, Ron Howard – who stepped in as director replacing the tandem of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – posted a video message to his Twitter to thank his crew and the cast for their work. After also thanking the franchise fans for their support, Howard turned aside and asked somebody off-screen if it was okay to reveal the film’s title.

In response a pair of hairy arms purportedly belonging to Han’s co-pilot Chewbacca handed Howard a sign with the long-awaited title. It read “Solo: A Star Wars Story” in the familiar franchise font.

So that was it; the title is “Solo,” Han’s last name. It was pretty much on the nose and not that far removed from its working nickname. But the “A Star Wars Story” tagline now sees itself being reinforced as a branding for the franchise side-story movies, having been used in last year’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Production detail sharing

During the production of “Solo,” Ron Howard has been in the habit of tweeting photos of the film set to drum up fan interest. One of his most significant story “leaks” by the director was a picture of a “used-future” mineshaft that is hinted by his caption to be a depiction of the oft-mentioned “spice mines of Kessel,” referred to in the first “Star Wars” film by Harrison Ford as Han Solo when espousing the speed of his spaceship the Millennium Falcon.

Alden Ehrenreich stars as the young Han Solo, with Donald Glover as the young version of Han’s old friend Lando Calrissian (originally played by Billy Dee Williams). Other cast members include Woody Harrelson, Thandie Newton and Emilia Clarke. The latest installment of the “Star Wars Story” anthology will premiere in May of 2018.