"Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska is asking fans to please respect the privacy of herself and her family. The MTV mother-of-two says that she really wants fans of the show to stop coming to her home. Chelsea, who is a favorite among "Teen Mom" viewers, has her home featured on the reality show all the time. In fact, the color and shape the house are easily recognizable to anyone who knows where Houska lives and are in that area.

Chelsea Houska asks fans to please quit showing up at her home

According to the "Teen Mom 2" star, she loves the fact that viewers of the show offer her and her family a lot of love and support.

However, Chelsea Houska says it makes her very "uncomfortable" to have strangers knocking on her door. Chelsea even revealed via social media that once, when she was pregnant with her son, Watson, a fan came to her home and knocked on her door. Chelsea, thinking that she may have had a delivery, answered the door to find a stranger who proceeded to touch her pregnant belly and ask her personal questions about her life.

Other 'Teen Mom' stars have also had this happen to them

Unfortunately, Chelsea Houska isn't the only "Teen Mom" star to have had this kind of encounter. Catelynn Lowell also chimed in on the conversation via social media to reveal that she and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, have had people come to their home in Michigan, echoing Houska's comments, revealing that the situation is "so uncomfortable." Kailyn Lowry also seemingly knows all too well about this situation.

Lowry took to her Twitter account to thank Chelsea for addressing this issues online and saying that she agrees with the fact that fans need to keep their distance from the homes of the cast members, who all have small children living with them.

Why the cast should be cautious when it comes to dealing with unwanted house guests

While many of the fans who approach the homes of the "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom 2" stars are likely harmless and just want to have some interaction with their favorite Reality TV stars, the girls have every right to be upset by strangers showing up at their doorstep.

Not only do they deserve their privacy, but they also have to be cautious of mentally unstable fans, such as stalkers or haters who have extreme emotions towards them. It seems that MTV really should consider keeping the look and location of the cast member's home as hidden as possible when they are filming the show.