Jenelle Evans and her family caused quite a bit of drama over the weekend while the casts of "Teen Mom 2" and "Teen Mom OG" were in L.A. to film reunions and other various specials. Jenelle, alone, was at the center of so much drama that fans were having a hard time keeping up with all the reports. However, the biggest drama of the weekend seemingly came in the form of a huge backstage fight involving Jenelle, her ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, her mother Barbara Evans, Jenelle's husband, David Eason, and Nathan's girlfriend, Ashley.

Jenelle and Nathan's big fight

According to blog The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the fight went down on Saturday night as the "Teen Mom 2" reunion was filming. Sources reveal that the majority of the cast members were in a variety of green rooms while their children were running around the halls playing together. The altercation allegedly started when Nathan Griffith's current girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, walked by a room that Jenelle's mother, Barbara, was in. The two reportedly talked and Babs hugged Ashley goodbye. Jenelle saw the entire exchange and was not happy. Evans reportedly came busting out of her room to confront the two.

Evans gets into with Griffith's girlfriend

According to the latest "Teen Mom 2" gossip, Jenelle Evans yelled at her mother for having contact with Nathan Griffith's girlfriend, Ashley.

Jenelle seemingly felt betrayed that her own mother would hug her ex's new girlfriend and then chaos broke out. Nathan allegedly jumped in to defend his girlfriend and that's when Evans decided that her husband, David Eason, should get involved in the altercation as well. Producers were reportedly forced to step in between Jenelle and Ashley to keep them from possibly putting their hands on each other and to make matters worse, many of the children were in the area of the fight.

The 'Teen Mom' kids reportedly saw the fight

Someone in the "Teen Mom 2" cast reportedly grabbed Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's son, Kaiser, in the hopes of keeping him from seeing his parents fight. Meanwhile, the fight, which took place in the hallway, had some of the cast members trapped in their rooms waiting for the drama to subside.

However, since many of the children were roaming the halls, many of the cast members were forced to enter the hallway, find their children, and take them somewhere safe away from the fight. During the fight, Nathan allegedly accused Jenelle of being high on drugs, while Evans accused Griffith's mother, Doris, of being high.

Cast members are not happy, feeling unsafe with their kids in attendance

It looks like "Teen Mom 2" cameras caught the entire fight on camera, so fans will likely get to see bits and pieces of it. However, several of the cast members were upset and unhappy about the fight, especially since the children were so close to the action. Many of them have made it clear that they no longer believe the reunions to be a safe place for the kids, especially with things like that happening.

Jenelle and David caused a lot of drama over the weekend

As previously reported, Jenelle Evans demanded that she and David Eason stay at an Airbnb away from the other cast members in their hotels due to her co-stars treating her poorly. Evans also allegedly revealed that she didn't feel safe at a hotel due to the recent shootings in Las Vegas. However, Nathan Griffith called her out on that, saying that she allowed Jace and Kaiser to stay at the hotel despite feeling unsafe. Meanwhile, the night before, at a "Teen Mom" end-of-year party, Jenelle's husband David reportedly got drunk and pulled out a knife. It seems that fans are about to see the craziest "Teen Mom 2" reunion ever!