"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason were in California over the weekend with her co-stars and the stars of "Teen Mom OG" to film the reunion and various specials for the franchise. However, things got very dramatic at the end of the year wrap party when all the cast members gathered together to have a good time. It seems that David had a bit too much to drink, and even pulled a knife during the party, which was being filmed by MTV cameras.

David had too much to drink at the on-set party

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the casts of "Teen Mom OG" and "Teen Mom 2" were having a great time together, and everyone was drinking at the party, which celebrated the end of the filming year and the milestones that had happened during the filming process.

However, Jenelle Evans' new husband, David Eason, seemingly had a bit too much fun and producers reportedly noticed he had gotten too drunk for their liking. The network decided to cut David off, and upon finding out that they would no longer serve him at the bar he got very angry.

Fellow cast members freaked out over the knife incident

When David tried to storm off the set in anger, he ran into bunches of balloons, and instead of trying to untangle himself from the party decorations, he instead pulled out a pocket knife and began "slashing" the balloons with it. The entire thing took place close to the MTV cameras, and sources say that there's a possibility that it may have been captured on film.

While the "Teen Mom 2" dad didn't hurt anyone with the weapon, the cast members were reportedly freaked out by the situation. One source says that everyone "froze in disbelief" and that when Jenelle Evans realized everyone was creeped out, she played the whole thing off.

People are feeling 'unsafe'

Meanwhile, the production was reportedly "very concerned" that David Eason had made his way onto the set with a knife.

MTV has never made a habit out of having the cast searched for weapons before coming into the studio to film. However, they are not very worried about the fact that one of the cast members actually brought a weapon onto the set, and are now having cast and crew go through security checkpoints where they are patted down and have their bags searched.

The insider adds that people are "legit feeling unsafe" on set after the incident. As many "Teen Mom" fans know, things tend to get pretty intense on the set of reunions, and physical altercations have taken place in the past. It looks like MTV will have to be extra careful about what is coming into the studio from now on.