Musician Lionel Richie has admitted that he is scared to death about his daughter Sofia's newest relationship. Sofia has previously dated celebrities such as Justin Bieber, but in recent weeks has turned her attention towards Scott Disick. Disick has a bad reputation with women, especially in terms of commitment. Richie does not approve of Sofia seeing Scott but there is nothing he can do to resolve the situation.

Sofia Richie is dating Scott Disick

According to Billboard, Lionel Richie is extremely concerned for his daughter following her relationship with Scott Disick.

The couple has not confirmed that they are officially dating but Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are definitely engaged in a romantic relationship. The couple has posted several pictures of themselves being affectionate towards one another and Lionel is worried.

In a report by RTE, Lionel Richie was asked how he felt about his daughter seeing someone like Scott Disick. Richie replied that he was the father and that he was obviously going to be concerned for his daughter’s well-being. The musician stated that Disick has a bad reputation with women and he does not want his daughter to be hurt.

However, he has admitted that his daughter Sofia is old enough to make her own decisions, even if he does not like them.

Richie has shared his concerns with his daughter and it appears that for now, they are at an understanding with one another.

The singer keeps tabs on his kids

According to the Independent, Lionel Richie has found ways to keep track of his children even though they are both grown up. The musician has stated that often times when his daughters are spotted in places such as clubs one of his friends, will ring him up and let him know where his daughters are.

Richie has claimed that his daughters have accused him of following them in the past. However, the musician insists this is not true. Richie stated that he does not actively investigate the lives of his children. He has explained the situation and stated that he simply has many friends in many places.

In a report by Billboard, Richie claimed that he does seek his daughters out but that people come to him with information about their whereabouts.

He expressed that in their teenage years the girls would often try to sneak into clubs when they were underage. He stated that this is something they would never get away with, as he simply knew too many people.

Lionel Richie is keeping an eye on the situation but ultimately realizes that there is nothing much he can do about his daughter's relationship.