On last week’s episode of "Teen Mom 2," Leah Messer learned that her ex-husband Jeremy had broken up with his girlfriend Brooke Wehr. He felt that he had found someone good for himself and for their daughter Adalynn, but it had all changed. On the show, Jeremy started to reveal some things about Brooks and he shared that she actually seems very insecure. She had essentially gotten jealous of Leah, because he had spent over half an hour on the phone with Messer.

Maybe Brooke thought that he would want to get back together with Leah, but on MTV, he revealed he had been talking about Adalynn’s daycare and finding some solutions on how they should proceed as her parents.

Brooke had apparently lost her cool and decided to end the relationship. On “Teen Mom 2," Jeremy made it sound like Brooke is an extremely jealous person who couldn't see past the fact that he and Leah have to co-parent a young girl.

You can’t be jealous of co-parenting

It sounds like Leah has gained a tremendous amount of confidence after going to treatment for her anxiety and depression issues. She seemed clear headed as she explained her situation to Jeremy. He wanted her to know that Brooke had gotten upset about how much he talked to Leah throughout the season.

Rather than getting jealous, Brooke should be happy that Jeremy and Leah are talking so much as they are proving that they can co-parent little Adalynn without fighting or arguing.

But apparently, they can't do so without someone getting jealous. This isn't what he wanted.

Was there another woman?

During "Teen Mom 2," it was suggested that Leah Messer was indeed the woman behind the breakup. However, he reveals that this isn't so. While there were rumors that he was cheating on Brooke, Leah was not that person.

As the show is airing now, fans may be able to see that she simply didn't have time to cheat with her ex-husband. She was busy in school and she was trying to get her life back together after two divorces and three children. It was rough on her, as she learned how to start over.

Even though Leah wasn't the woman who tore Jeremy's relationship apart, there may have been another woman doing so.

There have been rumors that he slept with an MTV producer and it is possible that he had someone else. Time will tell if they decide to share the story on the show.

What do you think about Leah Messer being portrayed as the other woman? Do you think she's the reason why Brooke broke up with Jeremy?