"Teen Mom 2" co-stars Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus are officially dating. The couple, who have been friends for years, have finally decided to go public with their romantic relationship following the very dramatic reunion filming over the weekend. Javi has confirmed the news, and says that he and Briana were taking it slow before deciding to make it official with one another.

Javi and Briana have made it official

According to People Magazine, Javi Marroquin says he and Briana DeJesus are "dating," but as many "Teen Mom 2" fans know, there is a lot of drama that comes with the relationship.

Not only are Javi and Briana MTV co-stars, but Javi also used to be married to DeJesus' other co-star, Kailyn Lowry. The two share one son together, Lincoln. Javi and Briana have been fueling dating rumors for months. The couple have posted a series of snapshots together on social media, referring to each other as "bae" and other cute nicknames, and recently they took their kids to Disneyland together for a family vacation.

A cast divided

Last weekend, Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus came together with their fellow "Teen Mom 2" co-stars in California to film the reunion special. During the course of the weekend, a lot of drama went down, mostly involving Jenelle Evans. However, Briana had her own drama as well.

DeJesus took to social media to reveal that she spent most of her time with Jenelle due to the fact that the rest of the cast members were acting like "high schoolers" and choosing sides against her, seemingly due to her relationship with Marroquin. It looks like a feud between Briana and Javi's ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, may be brewing, and rumor has it they even got into a bit of a confrontation backstage at the reunion.

Briana and Kailyn have beef

However, Briana and Kailyn's argument was overshadowed by all the drama Jenelle Evans caused. As previously reported, Evans allegedly refused to stay at the same hotel with her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars, due to their poor treatment of her. In addition, Jenelle reportedly told production members that she didn't feel safe at a hotel after the recent shootings in Las Vegas.

A producer set her up with her own private Airbnb, and her co-stars were allegedly angry that she was receiving special treatment from MTV.

David pulled out a knife during the party

Later, at a cast party that included both "Teen Mom 2" and "Teen Mom OG" cast members, Jenelle's husband, David Eason, reportedly had too much to drink and was cut off by producers at the bar. Upon finding out that he was no longer being served, he attempted to storm off the set. However, he found himself tangled in a bunch of balloons, and pulled out a pocket knife to begin slashing the party decorations. The entire event allegedly caused a lot of tension in the room, and production was reportedly not happy that David had been carrying a weapon at the studio.

Jenelle's big fight

The final straw came when Jenelle Evans got into a huge blowout fight with her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith's girlfriend, Ashley. The two women reportedly had to be separated and Nathan and David also got in on the action. Jenelle's "Teen Mom 2" co-stars were also furious that the fight took place in the hallway of the common area, where all the kids were running around and playing together. All of the drama was reportedly caught on camera, so it seems fans may be seeing it in the near future.