Taylor Swift is getting ready to release her sixth album later this year by teasing some tracks from “Reputation.” So far, she’s officially shared “Look What You Made Me Do” and “Ready For It.” However, it seems like the pop star has sneaked in another single in one of her promotional videos. Swift has partnered up with UPS to promote “Reputation” by sticking the album cover on the delivery truck. It seems like UPS made a mistake by accidentally uploading a video hinting at a new track in her album.

New single teased?

While the singer shocked her fans with two new songs and a music video, she’s been pretty quiet since the beginning of September.

Aside from the behind-the-scenes clips from “Look What You Made Me Do,” we haven’t gotten any new teasers from her upcoming album. That said, Glamour shares that we might get one track before “Reputation” officially launches next month. Swift loves to shock her fans, and it seems like she still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Recently, UPS uploaded a new video announcing their partnership with the singer. The video was labeled as “Unlisted” which meant that no one was supposed to find the video yet. Surprisingly enough, the short clip features an electronic background track along with what could be sped-up female vocals. Naturally, fans took the opportunity to slow down the track, and it definitely seems like a new Swift song.

It seems like her new song will be titled “Rip Off The Page” judging by the lyrics. You can watch the video and slowed down track below to hear it for yourself.

Taylor's playlist

In other news, the pop star has just publicaly revealed her personal Spotify playlist, as per DigitalSpy.com.

It is a 70-song long playlist titled “Songs Taylor Loves” and features a wide array of musical genres. Fittingly enough, there are no Katy Perry nor Kanye tracks in the mix. Although, famous singers like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Niall Horan, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendez, Coldplay, and Halsey made it to her list.

Naturally, Ed Sheeran and Selina Gomez are also part of her playlist.

What’s surprising here is that none of Lorde’s tracks are in the Spotify playlist. A few months back, Lorde apologized for comparing a famous singer to an “autoimmune disease.” While she denied that she was talking about Swift, many fans believed otherwise. You can listen to her personal playlist on Spotify to learn more. Meanwhile, her “Reputation” album is slated to release this Nov. 10.