One of the longest-running television series is "The Walking Dead" which has a huge number of followers ever since it started. The show will soon be airing its eighth season, which is one proof that the comic-based series is indeed doing well.

Actors of the show have come and gone. Many have died, and new characters would join the cast. But one character who has been there since day one is Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln. However, there might be a chance that he will no longer be part of the show. Will he die in "The Walking Dead" season 8?

The show without Rick Grimes

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lincoln talked about the details of the show without Rick. Although he is the leader of the group, it doesn't mean that he could stick until the very end.

With the show having its 100th episode as well as its 8th season, there is a big chance for a new plot twist. And this might include the end of Rick Grimes. Lincoln did not mention that his character will die, but he said that he doesn't see Rick as the main narrative force of the series. He even added that the exit door is already open for him if he chooses to end it.

Lincoln said that "The Walking Dead" is actually beautifully set up for Rick's son, Carl played by Chandler Riggs.

He said that it is his story and it might indeed focus on him but he is not saying that it will happen this season. The actor believes that the show can go on without him.

Is Carl the new leader?

If Carl will indeed step into the role of Rick, then it would be very tough for the show's fans to accept. It is obvious that Carl has grown since the early season, and everyone has seen his transition but is he ready to lead the team and protect Alexandria from the zombies?

Show creator Robert Kirkman acknowledge Lincoln as a strong ensemble of the show, but he said that "The Walking Dead" isn't just about him, but it is a story of a world and a bunch of people inhabiting in it. Does this mean that Rick will be out soon?

If Rick Grimes indeed leaves the show, many are hoping that he will be given a heroic ending so it won't be too hard for the fans to accept.

But the show without Rick would be different. Apparently, it would be hard for the fans to accept the absence of Lincoln from the show, the same way with how heartbroken the fans were when Steven Yeun's character Glenn died.

Do you think the showrunners will let Rick walk through the exit door? How will they end Rick's role in protecting Alexandria?