Taylor Swift is getting Ready to release her new album next month. Titled “Reputation,” the album will feature a different side of the singer fans know and love. That said, we have already gotten a sneak peek at three songs and one music video. It seems like the singer might have a few more surprises in store for her fans as she recently revealed a shocking new teaser for her second music video.

Are you ready for this?

The pop star has just dropped a teaser for her upcoming music video for “...Ready For It?” and it’s pretty wild. According to Fox News, the clip for her upcoming single is slated to release later this week, with Swift offering a taste of what’s to come.

It seems like she is aiming for a sci-fi theme this time around, evident by all the robots and electricity in the video. Moreover, the singer also appears to be unclothed - or at least wearing some sort of skin-colored body suit.

Looking closely, we can see that the suit highly resembles the same one actress Scarlett Johansson wore in the 2017 film, "Ghost in the Shell.” The film was a live adaptation of the popular 1989 manga series that contained many themes about robots, war, and society. The manga could offer a few clues as to what Swift has in store for her video, but everything looks pretty chilling so far. The pop star also wields some sort of lightning-based powers before going face-to-face with a villain.

Whatever the case, there certainly seem to be some “Bad Blood” vibes going on.

It’s not certain if this is the same music video that she was shooting down in London. There were many previous reports about Swift making a new music video about her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Many people also believed that the video was also for “...Ready For It?” Fans will just have to wait and see this Thursday evening when the new music video finally drops.

Other activities

Filming aside, Swift has also been working on other projects for the past few months. Just recently, she secretly held a private screening of her album. A handful of lucky fans were treated to a live performance of the “Reputation” and even went home with snake-themed souvenirs. These lucky fans uploaded their souvenirs and talked about their experience, praising Swift’s upcoming album.

After her album, Swift already has two live performances lined up in December. It’s going to be a busy year for the singer as she slips back into the limelight. Her upcoming album will feature 15 tracks and will seemingly be her most controversial album so far. Those who are interested can pick up “Reputation” once it launches on Nov. 10.