Taylor Swift continues to tease her fans with new songs coming from her upcoming album. While “Reputation’s” release date inches closer, the pop star continues to release new content, catching fans by surprise. Aside from her new music video, she’s already released two songs. In line with this, Swift's new track called “Gorgeous” is now live and it isn’t anything less than, well... gorgeous.

A refreshing track

Taylor Swift has just dropped her latest song on YouTube, letting fans get another glimpse of her upcoming album. Unlike “Look What You Made Me Do” and “...Ready For It?,” “Gorgeous” is a refreshing track from Swift’s upcoming track.

While “Look What You Made Me Do” was an obvious diss track, “Gorgeous” opts for a more flirtatious and innocent tone. If anything, “Gorgeous” is the remnant of the old Taylor Swift, except with a mature twist. Despite being a love song, the song has a clear difference from the sultry “...Ready For It?” track.

It seems like “Reputation” will include a mish-mash of themes that will tackle more mature, but not explicit themes. It seems like the singer is catering towards a more mature audience this time around, hence why she claimed that the old Swift is dead. While it’s a bit too early to judge her new album, it seems like “Reputation” will include a lot of interesting surprises.

New music video

In other note, Swift was seen down in London filming a new music video. She’s been touring around the area, shooting in some iconic locations. These spots are supposedly important locations for Swift and her new lover, Joe Alwyn. That said, many are speculating that her upcoming music video is about her current boyfriend.

Some of these locations include a kebab shop, a local pub, and even a bridge where she was spotted biking.

While she hasn’t revealed what song will be used for the video, many are speculating that it will be “...Ready For It?” Most of the lyrics match her current status with Joe Alwyn, but with the recent “Gorgeous” track, it might be her newly released song instead.

Whatever the case, we can only hope that she will release the new music video before her album launches next month.

The pop star has been quite busy lately as she recently held a private session with a handful of lucky fans. Swift supposedly performed her new album for the attendees and even gave them snake-themed souvenirs after the event. “Reputation” is slated to release on Nov. 10.