Suri Cruise is the daughter of divorced Hollywood couple, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise has not been a part of Suri's life for nearly a decade and this is having a negative effect on his daughter. Suri believes that she has done something wrong and this is why her father does not visit her. Cruise, however, is trying to get permission to see his daughter.

She wants to see her father

According to InTouch Weekly, a source has come forward with information about Suri Cruise's relationship with her father. They revealed that the reports about Suri forgetting her father are untrue.

They claimed that Suri desperately wants to see her father after being apart for four years.

According to Star Magazine, Suri Cruise does not understand why her father is not around anymore. Katie Holmes tries to keep the conversation about Tom Cruise to a minimum, as the pair did not split into good terms. This lack of communication with Suri has led Suri t to believe that she did something to cause her father to stay away from her.

In a report by InTouch Weekly, the Scientology Church is the reason why Tom Cruise has not sought more contact with his daughter. Cruise is a part of the Church and as his daughter is not a member of the Scientology belief he has been banned from seeing her. It is believed that Cruise is going to ask the church if they will reconsider so that he can finally visit his daughter.

Katie wants to protect her daughter

According to the Hollywood Life, Katie Holmes is doing everything in her power to prevent this visit from happening. She is deeply afraid for Suri's wellbeing, as she fears Cruise will try to initiate their daughter into the Scientology Church. This is one of the main reasons behind Holmes segregation of her daughter from Cruise.

InTouch Weekly has revealed that a source close to the couple has revealed that Katie has good intentions for her daughter. However, with Suri growing up so quickly there is only so long that Katie can deny her daughter from visiting her father. Suri knows that her father visits his other children and this bothers her greatly.

The insider claims that Katie Holmes is aware that Cruise is seeking more time with his daughter. Tom Cruise realizes that if he does not re-establish a relationship with Suri then they will not have one in the future. He is determined to fix this so that he can be an active part of Suri's life.

There has been no confirmation as to whether Cruise has approached the Church of Scientology about his wish.