Alex Morgan is a member of a Team USA soccer team and managed to get herself into a sticky situation with security in Disney World. The incident happened in early October but a video has since been released of Alex and her friends. Alex and her friends had reportedly gone on an eight-hour drinking binge and were causing a considerable amount of trouble at the park. When held by police Morgan abused them verbally before she was kicked out of the venue. She apologized publicly, however when a video of her surfaced online the celebrity was quick to defend herself.

Morgan calls out police

According to the Daily Mail, the video shows Alex Morgan talking back to the Disney World Police. The police are seen explaining the Alex and her friends that they had reports that they were being aggressive and mouthy in one of the park pubs. It has been confirmed that one of Alex's friends got into a physical altercation with another person at the park.

Alex Morgan is seen telling the police officers that they are lying. She stated that neither she nor her friends said anything controversial in the pub and has claimed that she did not curse anyone or make such a remark. The police cannot talk over the complaints of Morgan and her friend as it is clear that the group are being disruptive.

In a report by Excelle, one of Morgan's friends stated that she is sober and can tell the police officers exactly what happened in the pub. The friend claimed that the man who started the altercation should be the one being held in the room by police, as her friends did nothing. She stated that her male friend, Danny, simply seated in the pub when an aggressive individual interrupted them.

Morgan has apologized for online

According to the Daily Mail, Alex Morgan caused considerable controversy with her behavior at the Orlando Disney World. The famous athlete not only verbally abused the police officers but also compared her situation to that of a colored individual. Morgan made an incredibly insensitive comment stating that she felt bad for black people if this was the kind of treatment white people got.

Morgan's friends were then heard backing her up and fans were outraged by this. When the news that Alex Morgan had to be kicked out of Disney World first surfaced the star took to social media. She apologized for her actions and stated that she should not have acted in such a manner.

However, in a report by the Daily Mail, with the surfacing of this video fans are convinced that Alex did not sincerely mean what she said. Fans now believe that Alex was simply trying to cover for herself in case the incident should affect her career.

The video released was recorded on the body camera of one of the policemen. It has not been confirmed how the video managed to surface online.