Some shocking news was released about the producer and director Harvey Weinstein. There have been several allegations made against Weinstein by women in the entertainment industry. These women have claimed that Weinstein sexually abused them and tried to make them perform acts in favor for movie roles. A number of celebrities have come forward with these claims launching several investigations into Weinstein's conduct.

Weinstein is facing serious allegations

According to The Daily Mail, Harvey Weinstein is currently facing several accusations from high profile Hollywood stars.

Actresses including Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Kate Beckinsale and Gwyneth Paltrow have all come forward with claims against Weinstein.

In a report by the Sun, Cara Delevinge has released the stories of her abuse to the media in an attempt to seek justice against Weinstein. The model and actor revealed that when she was new to the acting industry she received a phone call from Weinstein. He told her that she would not get any roles if she was dating women.

Furthermore, Delevinge revealed that she had to meet Weinstein to discuss one of her roles. She claimed that he made sexual advances towards her and made her come down to his room in the hotel. In a report by the Sun, Cara stated once she was in the room Weinstein was trying to get her to kiss another woman who was already in the room.

The singer has shared her thoughts

According to Page Six, Pink has spoken out about the Harvey Weinstein case. Weinstein is facing sexual harassment allegations from several female members of the entertainment industry. Women have claimed that when working with Harvey he often made inappropriate comments and asked them to do sexual favors.

Pink has stated that she has had no such experience in her career and is extremely lucky. The singer claimed that she feels terrible for the women who had to suffer the sexual abuse from Harvey Weinstein. Pink is proud of the victims for speaking up, as she does not know how she would react in such a situation. She stated that the truth always comes out and that there is an unseen benefit in this situation.

In a report by E! News, Pink has revealed that it is great to see the victims coming together to support one another. While this solidarity is coming out of something terrible, Pink is confident that there is a Silver Lining to the situation.The repercussions for Weinstein's actions are continuing to play out. He has already been banned from several film groups and it is clear that his career will not survive these allegations.