Although Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have never officially confirmed their relationship status, rumors about them tying the knot have been making its rounds on the Internet. However, a report revealed that the "Dawson's Creek" actress' daughter with Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise, is not a fan of her mom's new found love.

Earlier reports revealed that Katie Holmes ended her romantic relationship with Jamie Foxx after Suri Cruise allegedly said that she does not want her mom to get married again. As if that's not enough concern for the 38-year-old actress, model, and filmmaker, the said report also shared that Tom Cruise will start a legal battle with his ex-wife if she decides to marry his friend and former "Collateral" co-star.

Suri Cruise not a fan of mom's new love life?

Knowing how powerful her ex-husband is, it only makes sense that Katie Holmes will just forget about having a love life and follow Tom Cruise's demands to save herself from the unwanted drama. However, the "All We Had" actress is a strong woman, and she is not allowing anyone to decide for her or teach her how to live her life. As a matter of fact, Katie Holmes was spotted with Jamie Foxx earlier this month despite her ex-husband's alleged threat.

A photo of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx emerged online on April 4. The duo spent a quiet dinner together, probably hoping that nobody would mind them in the restaurant. Unfortunately for the super private couple, their outing was spotted by a gossip site reported and shared the snap on the Famous' official Instagram account.

The caption read: “Look who I spotted on a date night @katieholmes212 @iamjamiefoxx I always heard rumors about them but never seen pictures of them until today."

Katie & Jamie still going strong?

The photo confirmed that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are still very much together. Reports revealed that the duo even celebrated the New Year's together in Miami, proving that they are not bothered by any rumors linking their relationship with the actress' mega famous ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

As for Suri Cruise, previous reports claimed that Jamie Foxx was ready to adopt the 10-year-old, but the shocking report was quickly debunked. For now, it seems that whatever settlement Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx, and Suri Cruise have apparently worked for them as Tom Cruise' daughter has been spotted multiple times looking happy and content despite her father's absence.