This week's episode of "Superstore" season 3 is a special one, as it's the Halloween episode that finds Cloud 9 employees donning their best costumes. Speaking of costumes, Dina (Lauren Ash) is set to bring back her cop costume, while the rest of the cast members will also show up in disguise. Interestingly, the episode will also feature a second death in the store, when employees discover their co-worker Sal's dead body in the dry wall. Glenn will be totally freaked out by the incident, while Dina will be on high alert, given her enthusiasm for crime solving and law enforcement.

Justin Spitzer on the 'blacker elements' of the Halloween episode

Creator and executive producer Justin Spitzer recently promised to Entertainment Weekly that the Halloween episode of "Superstore" season 3 will be "crazy dark," "morbid," and will focus on the "blacker elements" of the season. Nonetheless, the upcoming episode still promises to deliver the fun as Cloud 9 employees get to dress up and ditch their blue vests for a day.

New episode to shed more light on Cheyenne's aspirations

"Superstore" season 3 actress Nichole Bloom recently opened up about her aspirations for Cheyenne, telling Us Magazine that she sees her character and Bo becoming reality stars, and Harminoca growing up to be an Instagram influencer-slash-model just like Kendall Jenner.

But in this week's episode, fans will get to see that Cheyenne actually is good at something: make up artistry. In fact, she puts her skills to the test when she tries to make Mateo look like Sal so that Mateo can use Sal's passport when he goes out of the country to attend a family wedding (Mateo remains undocumented to this day).

Bloom told TV Insider, "This episode is fun, because you find out more about Cheyenne and her aspirations outside of the store. She wants to be a special-effects makeup artist. She’s a real artist. I think people will be surprised to see she’s skilled at something."

Amy can't use dating apps

In a new clip for this week's episode of "Superstore" season 3, Amy is fooling around with Jonah's phone, swiping left and right on women on a dating app.

She accidentally matches Jonah with Kelly, the new Cloud 9 employee played by Kelly Stables. She asks Garrett for help, who of course tells her to just be straight up honest with Jonah.

"Superstore" season 3 airs on NBC every Thursday at 8 p.m. and stars America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Mark McKinney, Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn, Nichole Bloom, and Nico Santos.