The third and upcoming season of NBC's workplace comedy "Superstore" premieres next month and fans who are eager to find out what Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah's (Ben Feldman) relationship status is now post-kiss might be disappointed to hear this news. Actress Kelly Stables has been cast in a recurring role that may potentially drive a wedge between Amy and Jonah. When the sophomore season ended, the highly anticipated kiss between Amy and Jonah finally occurred.

However, any notions of the pair being officially together in "Superstore" season 3 have been shut down by series creator Justin Spitzer, who told Variety back in May that "This is not 'Jonah and Amy are together.'" This means that fans will have to watch and see what will happen next, now that the tornado may have placed a new perspective on Amy, seeing that she rushed back into the arms of her family when the dust settled, but still took one more guilty look at Jonah before walking away.

Jonah will get a new love interest

In "Superstore" season 3, expect Jonah to have a new love interest, as Deadline reported that actress Kelly Stables has been cast in a recurring role in the NBC comedy. Stables will play the role of "a chipper divorcee" who becomes part of Cloud 9 when she lands a job in the big box store. Interestingly, she will complete the love triangle between herself, Amy, and Jonah, as her "quirky optimism" is set to annoy Amy. More importantly, she's set to begin a "fun flirtation" (work flirt?) with Jonah.

Amy and Jonah's future

This isn't the first time a woman came to Amy and Jonah. The second season of the NBC comedy first introduced Naomi, played by Azie Tesfai, as Jonah's girlfriend.

Fans can recall the awkward meeting between Naomi and Amy, who was clearly caught off guard that Jonah was seeing someone. Then, there was Brenda Song's Kristen, who was also one of Glenn's foster children.

Kristen and Jonah dated briefly, before breaking up during Cheyenne's wedding, when Jonah could no longer hide how he felt about Amy to literally anyone.

It was the penultimate episode of the series that led fans to believe that Jonah was finally going in for the kiss, but the show reserved it for the season finale. In "Superstore" season 3, viewers are set to find out what results of that kiss, especially with Amy's rocky relationship with her husband and her daughter caught in the middle of her marriage troubles.

"Superstore" season 3 is set to premiere on September 28 on NBC.