One thing that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle already have in common is that they both are linked to Royalty. Middleton – who is already married to Prince William, bears two children (a third one on the way) and is an integral part of the family. Markle, as all may already know, is rumored to get married to Prince Harry soon. According to Hello! Magazine, this is not the only similarity that the two may have in common. The report goes on to state that both the personalities have many “qualities and tastes” in common.


The first similarity pointed out by Hello!

magazine is the initials of their last name Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. The next thing they have in common is their link to the Royal British family through the men in their lives. As noted by Daily Star, both even wear the same kind of nail polish colors. They are believed to be careful about featuring only the natural shades of nail polish color. Middleton was pictured wearing brighter shades before she got married to Prince William. Ever since her bond with Prince William was established, she began wearing light, natural shades. These apparently look best with the strict dress code that Middleton is believed to follow.

The same behavior has been noticed with Meghan Markle as well. During her first public appearance with Prince Harry, she featured a casual dress with natural make-up and pale-pink colored nails.

They were first seen together at this year’s Invictus Games which took place in Toronto, Canada. According to Townandcountrymag online publication, Meghan was careful about this even before she first publicly appeared with Harry.

Meghan and Harry's marriage

Queen Elizabeth conferred the title, “Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge” onto Kate Middleton after she got married into the Royal family.

She along with Prince William are known as “Cambridge.” The same is expected to take place if Meghan and Harry are to get married. The Queen is speculated to confer the title, “Duke and Duchess of Sussex” on Harry and Markle respectively if they end up marrying. Markle and Middleton also share the same sense of style. Their dedication to charity work has been quite prominent over the past few years.

The fans are hoping to hear news about Harry and Markle being engaged soon. They two are apparently planning on getting married towards the end of this year. No news from the side of the Royal family has emerged as yet. Meanwhile, Kate is being taken care of since she is pregnant with William’s third child.