Supergirl” (Melissa Benoist) is expected to have her hands full with several villains lined up for the third season. “Reign” (Odette Annable) and “Bloodsport” have been mentioned but the latest one is “psi” who will be portrayed by Yael Grobglas.

For those unfamiliar with “Psi,” she is a psychokinetic-powered adversary that “Supergirl” will have to deal with as early as the second episode of season three. The second episode is titled “Triggers” where “Psi” will reportedly challenge the “Girl of Steel” in a mental battle.

According to, the power of “Psi” is the ability to tap into the worst fears of her enemies.

In a way, it calls to mind how “Scarecrow” (Charlie Tahan) is doing the same for “Gotham.” So how will “Kara” deal with this unusual villain? Will she get some help?

Is this where “Saturn Girl” comes in?

In a previous post, it was mentioned that “Supergirl” will be getting a new ally in “Saturn Girl” (Amy Jackson). For those who missed it, “Saturn Girl” is best known as one of the female members of the “Legion of Superheroes” and gifted with telepathic powers.

There was no mention yet on when “Saturn Girl” would make her appearance. With a recurring role, the second episode could be the perfect time for her to make her debut.

“Reign” quietly creeps in National City

Aside from “Psi,” another villain will also be making her appearance in that episode.

Reign” will be making an appearance under her civilian identity “Samantha Arias.” She will be working for L-Corp., further spurring more plots tied up to “Lena Luthor” (Katie McGrath).

In the synopsis, “James Olsen” (Mehcad Brooks) and “Lena Luthor” are reportedly at an impasse. This could create another awkward scenario for “Kara” considering she holds close ties with both characters.

The association of “Reign” to L-Corp. could have various meanings. That would include using the technology “Lena” and company have or an inadvertent way to map out her logistics against the “Girl of Steel.”

Supergirl” season 3 should be an interesting continuation following the events that went down in season 2. “Kara” is expected to initially struggle, mending a broken heart with the “Mon-El” (Chris Wood) forced to leave Earth.

It will be a period of transition for “Supergirl,” where she needs to mature fast to prepare herself for the new perils ahead.

Most of the characters such as “Alex Danvers” (Chyler Leigh), “Winn Schott” (Jeremy Jordan) and “The Martian Manhunter” (David Harewood) are expected to be tied with a storyline of their own. All this unfolds on Oct. 9 via The CW starting at 8 p.m. ET/ PT.