"Supergirl" is set to open its third season with new threats expected to rise. “Kara Danvers” (Melissa Benoist) is expected to get new help to battle the evil threats, and one of them is reportedly “Saturn Girl” who will be portrayed by Amy Jackson.

For the comic book readers, "Saturn Girl" is a member of the “Legion of Superheroes.” She will have the recurring role, lending her telepathic powers to the “Girl of Steel” who will reportedly face one her biggest threats, Deadline reported.

More "Legionnaires" possibly coming?

The revelation of “Saturn Girl” was technically something viewers were expecting.

Breadcrumbs of her coming were already set, something that has cropped up in various DC/ CW universes, Gizmodo notes. “Legion Flight Rings” appeared on one of “The Flash’s” (Grant Gustin) cross-trips in the multiverse. That ring also appeared in one visit to “Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.” Could there be more coming?

It may be too early to tell and seeing how crowded the “Supergirl” is already with heroes, casting more “Legionnaires” may be done incrementally. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the fictional group, other notable names include “Brainiac 5,” “Lightning Lad,” “Cosmic Boy” and “Wildfire” to name a few.

Most have made appearances on some DC-inspired animated series and others could make appearances on the different CW shows like “The Flash” or even “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” soon.

With altered timelines, factoring them in at certain points should be interesting if showrunners call for it.

Tough road ahead for "Kara"

Season 3 of “Supergirl” is expected to see Kara struggle with love interest “Mon-El” (Chris Wood) forced to leave the earth. The alien had to leave in a hurry following a deadly toxin released to fend off the “Daxamite” invasion.

Other than that, it will be interesting how “Kara’s” relationship with “Lena Luthor” (Katie McGrath) will turn out. Despite the name, “Lena” seems to be siding with good even with her mother, “Lillian Luther” (Brenda Strong) carrying out evil work for “Cadmus.” Will we see a turn somewhere for “Lena?”

In focus as well would be her sister, “Alex Danvers” (Chyler Leigh).

Season 2 saw her proposing to “Maggie Sawyer” (Floriana Lima) though a wedding may not be imminent. Lima is not cast as a regular but will make occasional appearances. Hence, tying the knot with someone who may not often be seen may not make sense.

As for the main villain for season 3, “Reign” (Odette Annable) is expected to bring new threats to earth. Known as a “world killer,” it will be interesting how she will make life difficult for “Kara” and company, probably too tough which may require the aid of a new ally, “Saturn Girl.” “Supergirl” returns for its third season on Oct. 9 on CW.