"Supergirl" season 2 finale has ended the series with a cliffhanger, leaving the audience wondering whether or not Chris Wood will leave the show. With the recent season ending, most of the characters received positive praise from critics and that their performance was unwavering. Meanwhile, as "Supergirl" season 3 comes close to airing, some reports suggest that Mon-El will no longer appear in the series. Nonetheless, the actor has yet to confirm the news.

Mon-el making an exit from the show after season 2 finale?

To recall, "Supergirl" season 2 featured the lead characters with the device that they had created in order to kill the Daxamites.

The season finale also featured Kara and Mon-El left with no choice but to vacate from the Earth. They have to activate the device to eliminate the Daxamites. Hence, the scene leads to the speculation that Chris Wood is already leaving the show following the finale of the previous season.

Further, Mon-El and Kara acted out like "Romeo and Juliet" who tries to do their best in order to stay together. However, on a sad note, staying on Earth may possibly kill Mon-El if he won't leave. Hence, if he would be coming back on season 3, then definitely, it will never be easy for his character to do so, Celebeat reported. These speculations leave fans heartbroken with the thought that he has to leave the woman he loves behind.

Season 3 official description has been released

On a brighter side, CW has finally released the official synopsis description of "Supergirl" season 3. For the meantime, the release date of the upcoming season is still unknown, but it is expected to return on the network by fall. The official description suggests that there will be characters that are going to face their poor fate.

Further, some of its principal characters haven't been mentioned and named yet. On a sad note, the description hasn't mentioned anything about Maggie. This can be a hint that her character has to be omitted this season. On the brighter side, Cat Grant is expected to return to the series this season 3.

With no official release date that has been given by CW, the network fall line-up schedule further reveals that "Supergirl" season 3 will still be aired on its original time slot on Mondays at eight in the evening. Further, the forthcoming season is expected to premiere its first episode on the first or second week of October this year. Stay tuned and keep yourself updated with the latest news!