Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were in reports for apparently getting back together a couple of weeks back. But these rumors were put to rest when Stewart publicly accepted her love for Stella Maxwell. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson admitted that he is working on stabilizing things with his current partner, FKA Twigs. What is Common between Stewart, Pattinson, and Maxwell is their acute and distinctive sense of fashion. The celebrities were spotted over the weekend – sporting different looks. But they all had one thing in common – their unique sense of style.

Kristen Stewart

When it comes to Stewart, it’s a whole new ball game. As noted by Marie Claire, Kristen has never shied away from embracing her daring and edgy side. This is pretty evident in the sense of fashion and the vigor with which, she carries herself. Her red carpet appearances are impactful. The actress is known to select her own clothes for public appearances.

Stella Maxwell

Maxwell is a Victoria’s Secret model. She is successful at what she does. As noted by Daily Mail, her looks tend to be more feminine but are enough to catch the media attention. Her red carpet appearances are subject to a lot of praise too.

Robert Pattinson

The actor has been making a lot of headlines lately. He seems to be experimenting with his looks in the recent past.

The actor has featured in gender fluid looks on several magazine covers. The latest one was for the W Magazine. He was seen wearing a tight pink turtleneck body-hugging top. This was paired up with bright orange baggy pants. To top this off, he sported a pink-colored bob wig. The actor had shot this for the Wonderland cover.

Recent spotting

According to a report by Daily Mail, Kristen was seen hanging out with her girlfriend, Maxwell last weekend. They were apparently out on a shopping frenzy. They were spotted at the Sandro store in Los Angeles. Maxwell went braless as she wore a plunging top. Meanwhile, Stewart – known to blur the lines – was seen sporting her tomboyish look.

Robert Pattinson was also spotted on the streets of London. He decided to combine his black and navy-colored ensemble with his usual looks. As noted by Esquire magazine, Pattinson continues to maintain his reputation of sporting old-school looks. Regardless of where these celebrities stand when it comes to their personal life, their sense of fashion stands out. This is something that most critics agree with.