On Wednesday, "General Hospital" viewers saw an explosive episode as Sonny Corinthos and Patient 6 came face to face. The two men were holding guns on each other as the mob boss questioned the man who came to Port Charles from Russia. On the other side of town, Ava and Griffin, who had never met the original Jason, were pondering over the situation regarding the individual who hailed from the clinic in Saint Petersberg. By the end of the episode, Patient 6 had made his case, and Sonny concluded that he was indeed standing in front of Stone Cold, whom he trained all those years ago.

This storyline has finally heated up and can only get better.

Patient 6 may or may not be Jason

The easiest scenario would be for Billy Miller's character to be an imposter who was sent to Port Charles by Helena Cassadine, but Robin saw him with Jason's face in the Cassadine clinic. For this reason, viewers should not jump to conclusions. It could be that Patient 6 is Drew and was implanted with Jason's memories in Russia. No matter which man turns out to be the true Stone Cold, Carly and Sam's lives will never be the same. They will be shaken to the core when they gaze upon the stranger who just came to town.

Sam will probably be in denial because she is living with a man she believes is her husband, but a DNA test can answer some questions.

Sonny told Patient 6 that the reason the current Jason was accepted is that genetic testing was done and came back verifying him to be Jason Morgan. When it is proven that both men have similar DNA things will really become complicated.

Suspicion will increase between all the players in this game

Patient 6 and the man Sam is living with, both believe they are Jason and will no doubt consider the other an imposter.

Sam, Carly, Sonny and most everyone else in Port Charles will have many questions. Ava and Griffin will be intrigued as they are outsiders in this drama that is unfolding. A key player that no one is aware of is Franco. He knows that Jason has a twin, and when he encounters the two men claiming to be Mr. Morgan he will realize that one of them must be Drew.

On the flip side of the coin, there is Dr. Andre Mattox, who is working with Dr. Klein and trying to keep the secret from coming out. There are also henchmen scouring Port Charles on behalf of Klein who was trying to reign in Patient 6 before he could make his way to Sonny. It's too late now because the mob boss and the man he believes to be his enforcer are embracing other. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC to keep up with this intriguing story on "General Hospital."