A few weeks ago on "General Hospital" viewers were given a shock when Jason announced to Sam that he had purchased her father's company. Neither one of them care much for Julian, and Sam even has tried to get Alexis to walk away from the man she loves. Julian is supposed to be in prison for a number of years, and there has been no indication that any member of his family has visited him. Spoilers had indicated this couple is going in a different direction but nothing was mentioned to indicate they were going to purchase "Derek Wells Media" which includes "Crimson" Nina found out on Thursday and expected to lose her job, but Jason asked her to stay and continue running the magazine.

Sam and Nina are surprised by Jason's latest move

Julian Jerome is slated to return to Port Charles during November sweeps, which makes his selling his company an odd business move. Jason did not even want his father in law to visit Sam when she was hospitalized but now has managed to purchase his business holdings. Sam wants nothing to do with her father so she was stunned by her spouse's announcement. It is a bit strange, however, that she is OK with helping to run the newspaper and magazine that her dad has been in charge of for so long.

When Nina heard the news she was pretty shocked and assumed the handwriting was on the wall for her. hen Jason asked her to remain at "Crimson" and continue running the magazine she was pleasantly surprised.

WIth his daughter and son in law owning everything, it will be interesting to see what direction Julian takes when he is released from prison. In addition to desiring a reunion with Alexis, Mr. Jerome may also mend fences with Sam and Jason.

General Hospital may be setting fans up for a mystery

The purchase of "Derek Wells Media" could be simply a business deal and nothing more.

The timing, however, coinciding with Patient 6 coming to town and the identity of Jason being in question makes it suspect. Everyone connected to Patient 6, Franco and Jason should be watched closely as "General Hospital" heads into the second 30 days of this 9-month storyline. Somehow Julian must be involved in the mystery.

On Friday Maxie let Sam know that she wants her job back working with Nina now that Jason owns the magazine.

Only time will tell if Ms. Jones is able to finally return to the company she helped Kate Howard keep afloat. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 PN on ABC to find out how all of this ties in the revelation of which man is the real Jason Morgan.