Stephen King and horror lovers go hand in hand, and this time of the year is usually one of the best for those who love both. Halloween is rapidly approaching and many are already in the spooky holiday spirit. Here are a few fun Halloween horror-themed events to enjoy. AMC recently announced that, on October 14, they will be showing a Stephen King movie-marathon.

Spend Saturday with Stephen King

On the line up for the day's terror includes some of King's most terrifying films. The AMC Stephen King event begins Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. central time and will include "Silver Bullet," "Cujo," "DreamCatcher," "Christine" and "Thinner." This will make for a great day to curl up on the couch, popcorn in hand and enjoy a full day of King.

One note for those with younger kiddos who also enjoy a good scare, the films are on AMC.

Halloween scares in full swing

While they will still be scary, they will be edited for television, toned down versions making them more age appropriate for some of the younger viewers to experience the thrill of Stephen King. King, while always a popular choice among horror lovers for scary reads, and films have certainly been garnering tons of attention in 2017.

In September, the remake adaptation of King's "IT" hit theaters bringing in the millions opening weekend and breaking theater records and continues as a strong box office opponent this fall. In following along with the success of "It" and in Halloween fun, a new phone recording based out of Kansas has been entertaining King and horror fans.

By calling the phone number 913-535-6280 which was posted on the Stephen King Constant Reader Facebook page callers will be patched into a recorded message from the (fake) "Derry" police department warning all to be on high alert for strange activity, strangers, warnings about the missing children, and urging all to obey the city curfew.

The recording goes on with such Derry related police news and is then suddenly interrupted by a strange and bizarre message from "Pennywise the Dancing Clown." It is a fun 45 seconds or so and is also age an appropriate startle. The phone recording is starting to gain more and more interested callers as the news of the "IT" themed phone number news makes its way across the social media.

This means you may have to call more than once before you are able to get thru. For the adults, Stephen King's "Gerald's Game" film adaptation is now streaming on Netflix, this is one for after the kids go to bed to wound up your full Stephen King movie viewing for the day.

What scary activities are you enjoying this October?