The news of three members from Girls’ Generation leaving the group as well as Sm Entertainment has shocked the world. Fans are in disarray, but the agency insists that things will be fine.

It has been reported that members Tiffany Hwang, Choi Sooyoung, and the youngest member Seohyun will be leaving the agency and most likely, the group. After a long and thorough discussion with the company, the three decided not to renew their contracts.

SM Entertainment releases official statement

The girl group recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary since debut so the news of three of the most dedicated members leaving was indeed quite a shock especially to the fans who have been supporting them since day one.

SM Entertainment did not confirm reports pertaining to the three members leaving the group, but they have released an official statement to appease the fans.

SM Entertainment has not confirmed that Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyung are indeed the three members leaving the agency, but they have assured fans that the girl group is precious and meaningful to them. According to the agency, the members of Girls’ Generation have no plans of disbanding.

According to Soompi, a source from the Korean news outlet Yonhap News revealed that three members have indeed decided to end their contracts with SM Entertainment. The source further revealed that the three members, which they also didn’t confirm, are set to sign up with other entertainment agencies and because of this, it would be difficult for them to promote with the rest of the members as a group.

The members are reportedly currently discussing the future of the girl group. However, despite three members leaving the group, it seems like the agency is leaning on keeping the group intact and having the remaining five members signed to the agency to promote as a group.

The legacy of Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation, otherwise referred to as SNSD, made their debut in 2007 and despite going up against huge male idol groups such as Super Junior, TVXQ, and BIGBANG, they were able to rise and remain on the top for several years.

The girl group are hailed to be legendary by their fellow idols because they paved a way for future idol girl groups to compete on the same stage in a male-dominated industry.

The group has also amassed a huge fanbase all around the world, making them one of the biggest contributors to the Hallyu Wave. The group has enjoyed good things until Jessica Jung’s departure in September 2014, which took quite a toll on the group.

Girls’ Generation continued to promote with eight members, but they weren’t as active as before in the music scene. Every member of the group has decided to pursue solo careers in various fields including fashion and acting.