The YouTube channel Star Wars Trailer revealed a new behind-the-scenes video featuring Rian Johnson’s take on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” He looked back at the time when he was just a fan to now that he’s directing his own entry to the movie franchise.

The 43-year-old film director admitted that it made him emotional being on the Millennium Falcon for the first time as he never thought that it would happen. He even remembered the moment when he was just collecting action figures, and now he can see them live in action.

The new featurette trailer

"Suddenly I had a big lump in my throat.

This is how it gets you," Rian Johnson said in the behind-the-scenes reel of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Compared to the featurette trailer released in July, the new one focuses mostly on the screenwriter’s takes on “Episode 8.” Fans had the chance to see how exhausting and fun to create an iconic movie. From Daisy Ridley (Rey) playing her lightsaber like a baton to guiding Peter Mayhew to howl like a sad dog whimpering, everything is filled with positivity and joy.

Johnson revealed that this is the first time that he has worked with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Daisy, and doing a “Star Wars” movie in general. “It’s some cool stuff,” he said.

Johnson on losing Fisher

In an interview with USA Today, Rian Johnson talked about the tragic death of Carrie Fisher (General Leia Organa) and how it will affect the “Star Wars” canon.

“It’s incredibly emotional,” he said. He explained that they had contextualized the movie again because of losing one of the franchise’s iconic stars. He now expects that fans would be celebrating Fisher’s life for the last time in the upcoming film’s release. It would be intense and sad, but he hopes that it will still be joyful.

Cast members’ talk about Johnson’s take on the movie

Also, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” cast members also discussed how Rian Johnson handled “Episode 8” in the new behind-the-scenes reel.

Daisy Ridley said Johnson managed to shake things up after the events of “The Force Awakens.” The director has done a lot of unexpected things and moves the characters in new, different directions.

John Boyega (Finn) also added that each of the characters’ stories is elevated, fresh, and new. Mark Hamill even said that he loved Johnson’s take on this new story. “It's like a real journey of discovery," he revealed.

Lastly, the video also showed a very sentimental moment between Johnson and Carrie Fisher. In a true Fisher tone, she said that the director also has flaws in “other areas," only that she didn’t know about it. Unfortunately, this will be the last time that fans will see General Leia Organa in the movie franchise.