John Boyega is just like any other “Star Wars” fan out there: Excited and happy. With “The Last Jedi” less than two months away, the British actor shared why he’s so enthusiastic about the film. He said he loved working with director Rian Johnson and the possibility of representing the LGBTQA+ community in “Episode VIII.”

Rian Johnson’s vision for the series

Earlier this month, Metro talked with the British actor John Boyega regarding his latest filmPacific Rim: Uprising.” At the end of their interview, they couldn’t help but talk to Boyega about his other highly anticipated film; “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” During their interview, the 25-year-old is more than happy to share things about the hit sci-fi series.

Boyega expressed his excitement about the film. The British actor said that the reason for this is because of “Episode VIII’s” director Rian Johnson. Boyega--who plays the ex-Stormtrooper, Finn—shared that the director was just a joy to work with. His imagination weaved a fantastic story that not only respected respect the franchise but continued what J.J. Abrams (Director of the “The Force Awakens”) has started. He also added that what makes the director so good is how he further expanded the “Star Wars” series with his own ideas.

Director Johnson is the overall creative mastermind of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Not only was he in charge of telling the cast how to act, but he was also in charge of the story and the general visual theme of “Episode VIII.” Boyega further emphasized Johnson's ability by pointing out the amazing visuals of the upcoming film.

He even joked about the director smoking some sort of drug, Boyega said that whatever it is, it’s definitely working.

Diversity and representation

Back when the 25-year-old actor first appeared on the trailer of “The Force Awakens,” everybody was stunned to see a person of color as one of the main heroes. Since then, many fans are hoping to see more diversity in the cast.

Not only that, they also want to see a representation of the LGBTQA+ community on the franchise. This started when fans saw how Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaacs) looks at his character Finn. They have so much chemistry on screen that people are wondering if they’re going to see the characters together in the future.

According to Boyega, he thinks that Isaacs is the one who looks at his character with love.

He also said that maybe fans might have thought so because Isaacs was very passionate, or it’s just that his character needs to come out.

The British actor didn’t confirm or deny anything regarding the possible development. It seems that we just have to wait for “Episode VIII” to release to see more of them together.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi” premiers in cinemas on December 15.