Stars Wars: The Last Jedi” is months away from its premiere. With a lot of questions still hanging, there are plenty of stories left to tell. One of these questions is the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke. Who in the world is First Order leader? Where did he come from? With hundreds of theories about his identity, no other person knows the real story like Andy Serkis. In a recent talk with IGN, the actor shares just how much he knows about the character.

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Most of the questions around "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" are mainly about the characters.

These questions are important for us to understand the characters better as we watch them on screen. Fans often come up with different theories regarding these issues. When IGN talked to Andy Serkis, they saw the opportunity and asked him about the Supreme Leader.

According to Serkis, he knows Snoke very well. Unlike his first statement regarding his character, he seems to have a solid foundation about Snoke’s overall history now. The 53-year-old actor added that Lucasfilm and Rian Johnson gave him more details about the Supreme Leader that will eventually be seen in the new trilogy. Serkis also shared that some of Snoke’s history will be revealed in “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

His interview further confirms Director Johnson’s statement about the character.

According to “The Last Jedi” director, details about the Supreme Leader will not be featured in the film. Rather than giving us a glimpse into his past, we will see more of Snoke’s motivations and philosophy. Johnson even compared Snoke to Emperor Palpatine. If you can remember, it took us many years until the prequel trilogy to know more about him; from his position as a senator to his ultimate destiny as the Sith Lord.


Despite revealing that he knows Snoke better than every fan right now, Serkis can’t really talk much about it. After “The Last Jedi’s” recent trailer, many fans wondered about a particular scene that seems to point at a future confrontation between the Supreme Leader and Ray (Daisy Ridley). IGN asked Serkis about it, but the actor can’t share anything.

All he can say is that we might see the answer to the question in the future.

Although he can’t reveal us anything due to the secrecy of the film, we now have the confirmation that we will know something about Supreme leader Snoke in “Episode XIII.” Knowing his motivations will help us understand him more as we dive deeper into his character in “Episode IX.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is set to premiere in cinemas on December 15.