It has not been long since Carrie Fisher left us. The 60-year-old actress who died last year in December was known for her role as Princess Leia in the sci-fi epic “Star Wars.” Fisher played the iconic character starting from the original trilogy to the current trilogy, solidifying her cinematic legacy. However, other than playing the princess–turned-general, Fisher was known to her fans as a woman of wit and strength. Here is another story that proves how awesome Carrie Fisher really was.

Heather Ross and Carrie Fischer

Harvey Weinstein’s scandal opened up a lot of opportunities for women in Hollywood to talk about their experiences with sexual predators.

In particular, predators in the entertainment industry who thought that the day of reckoning would never come for them. One of these brave women is Heather Ross.

Heather Ross is one of the many victims of sexual harassment in Hollywood. As a young actress. she experienced the horror and suffered in silence out of fear. In her interview with 94.9 FM, Ross shared what happened.

According to the actress, she experienced sexual harassment from an Oscar-winning producer back in 2000. After the incident, she immediately shared the story with one of her closest friends, Carrie Fisher. Of course, just like any other friend; Fischer was furious, saying the act was something that should not be tolerated.

Tongue in a box

Two weeks after she shared her experience with Fisher, the “Star Wars” actress texted her that she had seen the anonymous producer in Sony Studios. Fisher told Ross that she knew that the producer would be there, so she personally walked to his office and gave him a gift; a beautiful Tiffany box with a white bow on it.

As it turns out, Fischer had given the anonymous producer a gift of cow tongue from a famous restaurant (Jerry’s Famous Delhi). After barging in his office, the “The Last Jedi” actress not only gave him the tongue but also gave him a firm warning. According to Ross, Fisher threatened the producer that if he touched Ross again or any other women in the future; he’d see something of his, other than a tongue, inside a box.

After releasing this story about the late actress, many fans have once again found another reason to love the “Star Wars” icon. Even though the producer’s identity was not revealed, many are now hoping that one way or another his name will be publicized in the future.

This amazing story about Fischer not only made her more iconic but also gave women around the world an idea about how to deal with sexual predators in the future.