Who can forget the scene in the popular AMC series “Breaking Bad,” where Bryan Cranston’s character, Walter White, throws a pizza on the roof of his Albuquerque home. Fans certainly haven’t forgotten and the house in New Mexico used as the White’s family home in the series, is now regularly targeted with pizzas by fans of the show.

The current owners of that former “Breaking Bad” home in Northeast Heights have quite simply had enough and have installed a six-foot fence around the property in a bid to keep fans – and the many pizzas – out.

Four years of trespassing and pizzas

Joanne Quintana’s mother owns the former “Breaking Bad” house and said she has suffered four years of trespassing, vandalism and even rudeness from fans of the AMC show. However, enough is enough and they have decided to make the house off limits by installing a six-foot fence, made of strong wrought iron, around the property.

Quintana told KOB 4 the situation has been ridiculous, with them feeling they can’t even leave the home unattended because if they do, something happens. Quintana said pizzas are the main problem, however, adding that she has lost track of just how many pies have been tossed on the home each week. According to Quintana during the first Balloon Fiesta after they moved in, she reckons the numbers went into the hundreds.

KOB’s news crew themselves counted around 10 tourists hanging around the home.

Quintana added that it is not just the pizzas, as some fans steal rocks from the home’s landscaping to take home as souvenirs.

They are also pretty rude, asking the family to get out of the picture as they take photos, or to close their garage door as it ruins the image. She said they are not happy about putting up the fence and gating themselves in, saying they are the ones that are being locked up when they’ve done nothing wrong.

The infamous ‘Breaking Bad’ pizza scene

As noted by the New York Daily News, the scene happened in Season 3 of “Breaking Bad,” where White is bringing home pizza for the family. However, his wife Skyler (played by Anna Gunn) has found out what her errant husband has been up to and locks him out. In a fit of sheer anger, he throws the pizza behind him and it flies out of its box, landing perfectly on the roof. Readers can watch the scene in question here.

Even Vince Gilligan, the creator of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” has told fans on his podcast to stop the irritating habit. He said there was nothing original or funny about chucking pizzas onto Quintana’s roof, adding they were definitely not the first.