Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly on speaking terms again, following years of conflict after their split in 2012. According to Hello Magazine, the former flames are now on "good terms," and they have been hanging out together over the past few weeks.

Over the weekend, the Canadian pop star reportedly joined his ex and some of their common friends at her home in Studio City, Los Angeles. Their on-and-off relationship before the official split was a huge topic in the headlines, but, Bieber and Gomez were never too public about the real score.

However, it seems as though Bieber and Gomez are now ready to be friends with each other once again and have sincerely patched things up between them.

Exes turned friends, is it really possible?

A Hello source claimed that the "Wolves" singer was just trying to reconcile with her former man and nothing more. Selena Gomez reportedly took the initiative to make peace with Bieber after her illness. In return, the "Love Yourself" singer immediately sent out his support for his ex-girlfriend during this difficult time.

The source went on to say, "He has been great to her after her surgery and they are on good terms right now. They got back in touch recently through their friends and have seen each other at church."

While this is good news for many fans, who have long waited to see their favorite couple build an amicable relationship after several years of conflict, the rumors and whispers about the two possibly rekindling their past romance also made the rounds.

Amidst tons of suspicions coming from the Jelena fans, another insider claimed that they are "just friends" and nothing more. It's not a bad thing if they want to show that they still care for each other even if they aren't together anymore. The insider went on to say, "They both have a long history with each other so they will always have a place in their hearts for one another."

How does The Weeknd feel about this?

The Weeknd has yet to give his statement about the issue but it seems like the singer/record producer doesn't want to stop her from doing what she believes is right.

Besides, he trusts her completely and there should be nothing too complicated about it.

A source told E! Online that The Weeknd was reportedly aware of the fact that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were hanging out with a group of their common friends at the time. "He trusts her... Once The Weeknd gets back from touring you will likely see them all go out."