Man, the DC cinematic universe just can’t get a break. Apparently, with recent reports, DC, who has some of the most recognizable comic book characters around, is in some serious trouble with their movie attempts.

With “Batman vs. Superman” receiving loads of hate and ridicule by fans and critics alike, DC said they had learned their lessons and knew they needed to change. Thusly, a lot of background changes where made and reshoots of the ”Suicide Squad” movie. Then this movie too was tarred by critics and fans feathered it pretty well.

Once again DC came out and said they were making other changes, they had learned their lessons, and for us to get excited about the next big two movies in the pipeline “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League.”

Does DC deserve our hype?

So of course, fans have been following and getting excited about each one respectively. Some even going as far as saying “Wonder Woman” looks like it is going to be the best movie of the summer.

Unfortunately, those rumors of success seem to have been a little premature and exaggerated. According to Sasha from “Schmoes Know” podcast the film has been seen and it is not good. In fact, it was explained “Wonder Woman” suffers from the same exact problems as “Batman vs. Superman” with narrative issues and feeling very disjointed.

Onto the “Justice League” film, which also exemplifies there are potential issues. Rumors have been swirling that Ben Affleck is the reason for the slow updates concerning the solo Batman film, but many are starting to theorize it’s not on his shoulders at all.

'Justice League' could be the movie to end the DCEU

Potentially, “Justice League” is suffering from the same issues many have said began with the film “Man of Steel,” and that this is why Ben has went back and forth about his level of involvement in the DCEU (DC Entertainment Universe).

There are even some reports suggesting that Affleck may want to distance himself from the DCEU until these numerous issues are resolved.

While all of this is speculation and you should take it all with a huge grain of salt, we have heard numerous times, from DC, they are listening to the fans in an attempt to make the movies we want to see (similar to the way Marvel has repeatedly delivered). The only issue with this is; how many chances are the fans going to give DC? I’d venture a guess of not many, not many at all.