Cole Sprouse has had an extremely successful comeback to the acting world. The actor landed a role on the new Netflix series titled "Riverdale" and plays the resident underdog Jughead Jones. With season two returning in October 2017, Cole Sprouse has opened up about the role.

Sprouse was drawn to Jughead's pretention.

According to Teen Vogue, Cole Sprouse has recently opened up about his decision to return to acting. Sprouse took on the role of Jughead Jones in the 2016 Netflix series "Riverdale." Cole was originally known for his role on the Disney Channel show "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody," but decided to take a break from acting when the show finished up.

Sprouse stated that he was initially drawn to the character of Jughead because he was an extremely interesting character. Jughead is the narrator of the first season of the show, which surrounds the murder of Jason Blossom. Sprouse thought that Jughead was very unaware of his pretention towards his peers as he actively wrote about them in his to-be-novel.

In a report by Teen Vogue, Sprouse stated that the unawareness that Jughead has towards his pretention makes him into the underdog character who is simply searching for something meaningful. When you consider Jughead's home life this whole scenario suddenly makes a lot more sense. Jughead's family has fallen apart, and this prompts him to create something, which meant something to the audience.

The actor spills on season two.

According to Teen Vogue, Cole Sprouse has revealed some season two spoilers for fans. The actor has revealed that Jughead's journey is about to get a whole lot more complicated when the show returns for its second season. Season one left Jughead's father in jail, and it appears that the teenager is looking for any kind of support that he can find.

Sprouse has confirmed that Jughead will be joining the Southside gang known as the Southside Serpents. The Serpents are involved in all sorts of criminal activity, and one has to wonder if Jughead will follow the steps of his father and end up in prison.

Cole Sprouse has revealed that Jughead will be much changed in the second season of "Riverdale." He explained that Jughead would be a lot angrier than he was seen to be in season one and this will be because of the relationships he has formed with Betty and Archie.

"Riverdale" returns next week on October 11 and it has been confirmed that the show will pick up exactly where it left off. Sprouse has confirmed that season two will be a lot darker for the fan-favored character of Jughead Jones.