Kailyn Lowry of MTV's "Teen Mom 2" has been adamant about her single status ever since she and her third baby daddy, chris lopez, parted ways. Kail was reluctant to reveal the paternity of her third child, Lux Rusell, to the media for fear that Chris wouldn't step up to the plate nor be very involved in their lives. As a result, the mom-of-three kept mum about who fathered her child, but as insistent that she was single. Since then, there has been various speculation about Kail's dating life. And since Kail dates both men and women, pretty much anyone Kail has been pictured with is fair game for dating rumors.

But the latest target is her pal, DJ.

The pair are responsive to each other on social media

Kailyn Lowry and DJ have been flirting via social media; however, the big difference between Kail flirting and a non-famous person doing so is that anything Kail says will be twisted to make it seem like she and DJ are an item. The pair has joked about seeing one another so often, and recently he appeared on Kail's Snapchat with a flower crown filter around his head. DJ is also just the type of guy that Kailyn has gone for in the past, which makes many people think that this new crush might be the real deal.

DJ speaks out

If you think you've seen Kailyn's rumored paramour, you aren't wrong. Kail caused a scandal when she and DJ were caught in bed together at the MTV Movie Awards where he was Kail's plus one.

Chris Lopez, her baby daddy, said that she was behaving in a trashy manner, partially because she was pregnant with his child at the time. However, the pair were very clear that they were just friends and that DJ only came to support his pal.

Kailyn recently posted to Twitter that she was dating a woman named Dom, which made the media and her followers freak out.

However, some people think that she has only done so in order to get attention and play a little joke on the media.

Dom hasn't spoken out about her alleged relationship with Kail, but DJ spoke to "Radar Online" about their relationship with one another. According to DJ, he and Kailyn aren't "currently" together, but he won't rule out that they might be in the future.

This has many fans believing that the pair is smitten and in the beginning stages of dating. Others worry that this means Kail could be adding a fourth baby daddy to her collection, which would further confuse her three children, who each already have a different father from one another.