Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s season of "The Bachelor" is well underway and new spoilers were released after Reality Steve posted an interview that one of the producers just gave Entertainment Weekly. Executive Producer and the Head of Alternative Programming at ABC Robert Mills talks weekly with EW's Julia Cunningham and discusses recaps of previous "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" seasons of the show. This week he touched on some of the details going on with production as Arie tapes his season.

Not-so-smooth group date

Apparently, a group date with Arie and some of the women in Fort Lauderdale got a little tense.

While Mills spills that it wasn't "disastrous," he says at the same time it actually was. He told Cunningham in his "Bachelor" spoilers that Arie Luyendyk is trying to be "inclusive" of everyone and get to know all of the women, but he's managing to rile them up at the same time. Mills likens it to Nick Viall's volleyball group date in which the women on the losing team got to spend time with him even though it was supposed to only be the winning time who got time with him. Needless to say, it didn't go over well with the winning side. Sometimes being a nice guy isn't such a good thing!

Mills didn't reveal exactly what the group date entailed, only that in trying to please everyone, Arie upset some of the contestants.

One of the women was so mad at Arie that she called him "hashtag NotPeter." Ouch.

Reality Steve doesn't know which of the women called Arie "NotPeter," but he's proud of her for having the guts to do it. Obviously, at least one of the cast members wanted to throw in Arie's face that she's not happy he was picked over Peter Kraus.

Up-to-Date 'Bachelor' spoilers

Reality Steve adds in his blog post that the Fort Lauderdale rose ceremony was held on Wednesday night. He also nailed down two locations where the show will film in Europe. They are in Paris and Italy. He doesn't have the specifics on where in Italy "The Bachelor" cast will film. Episode 6 will tape in Paris and episode 7 in Italy.

Hometowns will see the cast return to the United States and film for episode 8. The overnight dates and final rose ceremony location are also unknowns right now, according to Steve.

Robert Mills concluded that there is a villain-type contestant in Luyendyk's season, but not in the same league as Corinne Olympios.

Are you anxious to hear which contestant called Arie Luyendyk, Jr. " hashtag NotPeter" when she was fuming at him? She must not have cared whether or not she gets a rose! Who knows, maybe that piqued his interest in her even more.

"The Bachelor" 2018 premieres in January on ABC.