It looks like a lot of people are now expecting to see the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry real soon. With all the rumors surrounding the two, it seems like the announcement of the engagement is about to happen, and it might be followed by the next royal wedding.

However, with all the rumors, is the “Suits” actress now ready to be part of the royal family? Is she now planning what-could-be the wedding of the year?

The planning and organizing of the announcement

According to the Hollywood Life, a source revealed that Meghan Markle is now excited about getting married to Prince Harry.

The royal couple is reportedly about to announce their engagement very soon. The 33-year-old prince is said to have met his girlfriend’s parents, talked to them, and asked permission to marry their daughter. He has also apparently discussed his plans to get married with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

It is anticipated that in less than no time, everything will be announced to the public. There are even reports that it could happen in the coming month - November. The insider revealed that the royal family has now organized and planned out everything, and the palace plays an important role in the whole process.

“Meghan is freaking out about becoming royalty,” the informant said. The 36-year-old actress is reportedly excited about the upcoming official announcement of their engagement and becoming part of the royal family.

Markle meeting the queen and the royal family

Meghan Markle met Queen Elizabeth II at an intimate tea party with Prince Harry on October 12.

It seems like everything went well as another source told the Hollywood Life that everyone has approved the couple’s relationship. Did they already get the queen’s blessing? The answer might be' yes' as even Prince Charles and Camilla like Markle.

They even think that the couple is a great match and will be a perfect addition to the royal family.

Markle now planning to move to London

With that, there are rumors that Meghan Markle is now gearing up to move to London to be with Prince Harry.

Royal expert, Katie Nicholl, told Entertainment Weekly that this might happen in November.

The actress didn’t even sign up to appear on the next season of “Suits” as she is planning to live in the UK permanently.

As the couple is now planning to be together under one roof, fans are wondering where they are going to reside. Prince Harry is now living at Nottingham Cottage, a small three-bedroom house inside the premises of Kensington Palace. There is a possibility that this will be their home.