The rumors about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement are getting stronger. In fact, there are now predictions that the 36-year-old actress will soon leave Canada to be with her boyfriend. Is a second royal wedding soon to happen?

This might not be impossible to happen as the couple is now more open about their relationship and often seen out and about. In fact, her sister is now talking about the possible union in a book she wrote. Royal experts also predict that the announcement of their engagement is about to take place.

Meghan’s new home in London

“I am told by my sources that Meghan is likely to be moving to London as soon as November,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Weekly.

Nicholl also revealed that Meghan Markle didn’t sign to appear for the new season of “Suits,” and already planning to leave her hometown to Live In London permanently. There are now assumptions where the couple is going to reside in the Capital of England.

At the moment, Prince Harry is living at Nottingham Cottage. It is a three-bedroom small cottage in Kensington Palace. So, Meghan might be living there with him. Nicholl unveiled that she already has a wardrobe in his house.

When they are already engaged, Prince Harry will be moving into a bigger place within the palace’s grounds.

Meghan’s sister take on her love life

Meanwhile, in an interview on “Good Morning Britain,” Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, cleared that they are on good terms and never estranged.

This is in spite of the claims that her book titled “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister” is tackling the gap they have. “What is not true [is] this unbelievable swell that’s been created that it’s some sort of slamming ‘tell-all,’” she cleared.

Samantha explained that the memoir she wrote is a tell-all because she is talking about the things she has gone through, the memories she has with her family, and their home. However, it also includes some things about their country since the Civil Rights Act until the present time and how it can be related to the recent events in her sister’s life.

She revealed that the British people would be surprised to know how “graceful and lovely” Meghan is. She, too, is “strong, very worldly, and very educated.”

“There’s so much the public doesn’t know,” Samantha said. Talking about Meghan and Prince Harry’s union, she said that the two could be a lot of help for the people when they both do global outreach and humanitarian efforts.